Dildos And Sex Toys: Tools Of The Trade?

sex work - tools of the trade

In dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the USA, a person with a business can deduct the "expenses" or "tools of the trade" required to perform that business or provide that service.

You can deduct office supplies, toilet paper, your new office chair, mobile phone and all the "usual and customary" office expenses needed to do your job.

If you are a stripper exotic dancer, clothing and dance outfits are deductible but you must keep receipts, and you should have pictures of you wearing those outfits.  But most girls don't take it seriously, and they never keep their receipts (or claim their income for that matter!), so they don't worry about a tax deduction.

What happens if your job is slightly more unique than that?  What if your expenses included sex toys, silicone lube, whips, bondage toys, condoms and other items that the IRS doesn't list in its help pages on "approved" expenses?

In the USA, we really don't have any LEGAL businesses like that (other than adult stores!) since prostitution is illegal.

But in Australia, with legal prostitution, the tax office had to be a little more flexible, and allow those claiming to be prostitutes to deduct all of those "tools of the trade".

This isn't one of those, "Is this real? Let me check Snopes!" moments, because I found the actual post from the Australian Government Tax Office, titled "Adult industry workers – deductions you may be able to claim".


As an adult industry worker, here are some of the deductions you can and cannot claim.

Note: You can claim everything you purchase from a sex shop for work.

It also includes advertising, child care (?), clothing related to the job (ie: costumes and lingerie); Consumables (condoms, lubricants, gels, oils and tissues!!); cosmetics; dance lessons; cars; phones; tools (wtf??); and a few other things.

It does NOT include your membership at the gym.  

This is hilarious considering it is a GOVERNMENT document!

But it makes perfect sense.  And it sounds right to me that sex workers get to deduct the costs of doing business if they are paying tax on the income.

I wonder if doctor visits and drugs are included if you get a bout of Chlamydia??

gallagher comedian tools of the tradeOn another note, do any of you remember the comedian Gallagher and his watermelon stunts?  He was an avid marijuana smoker and would tell people that he always deducted it off his taxes.  He would list it as "transportation". 🙂

Think of all the tax deductions he tooks:  truckloads of watermelons, oversized custom made furniture; and dozens and dozens of strange props used in his shows!



kanasa sales tax tools of the trade

Or do you remember when the sex toy store when out of business in Kansas and the state tax office had to auction off the remaining dildos?

It was a HUGE embarrassment for the (government) state tax office to find themselves in the business of selling porn and sex toys!   

At LoveWorks, we live for moments like this. 🙂










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