Use These Nipple Pumps For Erotic Nipple Play!

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Most adults are aware that a penis pump is a real thing, and that it does, in fact, exist.   However, did you know that pumps for other areas of the body exist as well.   

Nipple pumps are for both men or women, and can be incredibly sensational.   I personally am a fan of the Nipple Play Vacuum Twist Suckers by California Exotics.   I also like the fact that we sell this nipple sucker online for less than $13!



nipple pumps nipple play suction 2               The Vacuum Twist Nipple Pumps Sucker originally caught my eye by their hot pink coloration.  As silly as it sounds, the color and the fact they just looked more modern really pulled me to give them a shot.  I use a little bit of a thicker lube, (usually a hybrid lube), to help aide in giving it just the right seal on my nipple.  I have heard of people using chap stick for this purpose.  In my opinion, if you are going to use something of that consistency, just use Nipple Nibbler.  Nipple Nibbler is a thick, chap stick consistency, nipple arousal ointment.  This will bring on the extra sensitivity in your nipple play!

               The design of this pump gives you more options than others.  A lot of times nipple pumps look – and are used similar to a turkey baster.  (Ha, ha, I know, but for real.) The problem with that is you only are able to get one squeeze worth of pumping.  Any squeezing to increase size will be counter productive after that first initial one, because of the bulb they use to squeeze / suck air through to draw out the nipple.  With the twist action the Vacuum Twist Nipple Pumps, you have total control.  You can draw the nipple out as far as you'd like.   It does cover a larger circumference, (which I kind of liked having as an option), and the suction is amazing!

               Once again, we are about to get really personal.  I used to have incredible sensation in my nipples.  They were so sensitive, and I LOVED it!  It was almost nothing to get me ready to jump his bones and have an amazing time.  Seriously, even if the wind blew just right.  Lol.  Then I had a baby and breastfed.  I breastfed for a small amount of time, not nearly as long as I had originally wanted too, but it was long enough to change the way my nipples received sensation.  (This is not to discourage anyone from breastfeeding, I'd still do it again if I needed too, and this didn't happen to any of my friends.)  It basically eliminated sensation of at least 99% – if we are being honest.  Using nipple pumps like this one actually pulls all the blood to that area and swells the nipple making it far more sensitive than usual.  I describe it as re-awakening.  ūüėČ

nipple pumps for erotic nipple play like nipple clamps but more gentle               Nipple pumps work well for pulling inverted nipples out if you desire.  In today's world it never hurts to send an innocent picture to your latest tinder match, that may just so happen to include rock hard nipples.  I feel like there is nothing to lose from doing that.  Or is that just me?  On the previous topic of breastfeeding I have heard of women with inverted nipples using them to aide in getting their child to latch.   

               The act of using nipple pumps on a body part is never a permanent solution to increase size or shape.  However, you may have effects that last longer than a few minutes, or even a few hours over time, but pumping results will never be permanent. Try to think of nipple play as a temporarily boost in sensitivity.

               It is also very important to remember to use caution with nipple pumps and all nipple play.  You never want to over do it with any type of pump.  The Vacuum Twist Nipple Pumps really give you a lot of room to plump your nipples as much as you want.  But too much too fast can bruise or in an extreme case even cause bleeding.  And as obvious as this may sound, never use over any already inflamed area.  So please be smart, but have great nipple play with the hard, sensitive nipples that come with it!







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