Tips To Make Yourjizz Taste Better for Your Partner

yourjizz make your cum taste better

The age old conundrum? Will she let you cum in her mouth?  
Will she swallow yourjizz?  Or will she spit it out.

The most common complaint is not just the taste, but the after-taste.  Your partner will most likely want to get up and gargle or brush after taking a load in the mouth – whether or not they swallowed or spit.

I have always believed that a man should taste his own cum.  Yep, one day while you are alone and masturbating, catch a glob in your hand and put it in your mouth.  Yuck you say??  But you want us to catch yourjizz in our mouth; show it to you; and then swallow it.  Yet you are too grossed out to taste it yourself in private?  Wimp. ūüôā

If you think it tastes so bad, why would you even ask us to accept it in our mouth, or worse yet, swallow it?  Aren't you being insensitive to us?  Asking us to do something that you are too disgusted to do yourself?  

Kudos to you if you HAVE tasted or swallowed yourjizz.  You get brownie points in my book.  That means you care.

Even if you tasted it once, you probably don't know how each day and each individual food you consume affects the taste and smell.  In the south for example, boiled crawfish nights are also known as NO SEX nights.  

Pepper in the vagina is a no-no, because you can not get the pepper and seasonings off your hands.  Crawfish eaters will understand that the seasonings get deep into the skin as you apply pressure to break the tails to get to the meat.

And you can't get it out of the mouth either.  And until a guy experiences pepper in his pee-hole, he will not understand why oral sex is a no-no.

But the absolute worst part of crawfish night is not as polite to say!  Everything that a man eats is processed through the body.  And yes, everything affects the taste of yourjizz.

Take one load of cum in your mouth after your partner has had all the garlic, and cayenne and salt (especially salt!!) running through his body along with a few bottles of beer, and you will be certain to never forget that taste.  In fact, it might be difficult to take a load of semen in your mouth again because you relate it to the previous horrible warm, salty taste.

So guys, help us out.  Make yourjizz a little more palatable.  

Did you know Miley Cyrus was an ejaculate expert?  Read what she had to say about the "art" she creates:yourjizz make your semen taste better but NOT with yummy cum

"“I did the pineapple because you know what they say about pineapple, right?” she said. “If you drink a lot of pineapple juice you’re going to have yummy cum. So that’s why I put it on the dick with a bunch of babies, and it says, ‘Fuck.’ I try to think about everything so it has a story to me.”"

Although I don't think she was trying to pull-a-Kellyanne-Conway on us and promote a product, there used to be a product (that failed) called "Yummy Cum".  It didn't work from the first day (terrible reviews all over the internet) and I don't think it is made anymore.  I liked their ads though — designed for men — as they should be!

What does semen taste like?

A man's ejaculate can taste (warm and) bitter, mild, sweet, salty, sour, or tasteless.  The taste depends 100% on what a man puts into his mouth – and more specificaly – what he ate and drank within the last 48 hours.

What type of men taste the best?  I know I will catch hell for this, but guys who exercise and eat right, including lots of fruits and vegetables (with a few exceptions like cauliflower and asparagus) tend to have the best tasting (and smelling) semen.

Stay away from the usual vices — alcohol (BEER!), cigarettes, caffeine (COFFEE!) and drugs — which can give a strong odor and a bitter taste.  Salty foods (and processed foods high in sodium) will pass through to the semen and give a strong odor and a very salty taste.  

Fruits are your friend.  Pineapple and other melons are a must.  They tend to either NEUTRALIZE your semen taste and smell or they add to the natural sweetened taste.  Yourjizz is not going to taste like divinity (a southern white ultra sweet fudge made of sugar and egg-whites) but it will taste better.

As a rule of thumb, the more bitter you put into your system, the more bitter the semen taste.  The same with sweet fruits.  Chocolates and other sweet candies are not known to sweeten the semen very much however. I've read where Cinnamon also helps with semen flavor, but I have never tried.

We have sold a "cum sweetener" for years but the product is losing favor as guys realize there are natural and cheaper ways to handle the cum taste.  However, we have sold this product forever.  And it is still available today in our warehouse.

And by the way, "pre-cum" always taste different from cum (the actual ejaculate).  It is almost impossible to change the taste of pre-cum because of what the body is using the pre-cum for.  As they say, don't judge a book by its cover; and don't judge a man's cum by the taste of his pre-cum.  

What about water?

Yes! Staying hydrated, drinking LOTS of water helps dilute and eliminate some of the bad taste producers in your body.  It dillutes yourjizz — and when it comes to taste, dillution is a good thing.

The best thing your partner can tell you after taking yourjizz in the mouth is, "I didn't taste anything".  That means that you were hydrated, your semen was diluted, and you are watching what you eat.  After a few success like that, your partner should not have an issue taking you in the mouth each time.


Swallow or Spit? Or NOT IN MY MOUTH! Do you like to suck cock?  

Letting your partner splooge in your mouth is an acquired taste.  Many people believe, myself included, that if I am going to suck your dick to completion, I want every drop in my mouth; not on my face or tits, or in my eye.  I think of it as a reward for a good blowjob and I want it in my mouth.

But you might just get it in my mouth ONE TIME.

Whether or not I let you blow yourjizz in my mouth the second time depends on how bad you taste.  I'll make a mental note and if your semen tastes like shit, I guarantee it will never hit my tongue again.

On the other hand, if your cum tastes good (or at least, "not bad"), I'll take it in my mouth and keep it there for a while.  I might even open my mouth to show you before I swallow every drop.  

I'm shocked when I hear about partners who can't give a blow job, won't give a blow job or feign ignorance on how to give a blow job.  I ask incredulously, "How can you NOT enjoy sucking dick?  Do you like your va-jay-jay licked?".  

Don't agree?  Ask any guy who is GOOD at licking pussy.  100 out of 100 times the answer will be the same.  If he is good at licking pussy, it means he LOVES LICKING PUSSY.  Guys that just touch their tongue to your va-jay-jay just to say they did it, aren't worth a second try.

Or as one of the guys I dated did:  He counted fifty strokes of his tongue.  Then foreplay was over and he could fuck me.  That lasted two times.  He quickly hit the "ex" list.

Yes, I know that I am off the subject a bit, but the comparison is valid.  The more you like giving a blowjob the more likely you will want to swallow.  Just like the more you enjoy licking the va-jay-jay, the more likely you will do it for longer times and will be good at it.

Tips on taking your lover's deposit in your mouth:

Tip #1:  Oral sex lubes or lotions applied to the penis will disguise whatever flavor your partner's ejaculate yields – but not necessary the after taste.

Tip #2:  If I know that I will be giving head, I bring a bottle of Pepsi to bed and leave it on the night table.  After  taking yourjizz can taste betterthe load in my mouth, and then swallowing, I take a sip of Pepsi.

The carbonation and sweetness eliminate any possible after taste.  One sip of Pepsi and there is never any desire to get up and gargle or rinse my mouth.  

Better sex — for you and your partner — can be learned.  But you must WANT to learn and want to BE better at sex.  

Are you willing to learn?  Do you want to be better?

This is an original LoveWorks Magazine feature by resident sex expert Christianne!





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