Guy’s Valentine’s Day – March 14

Guy's Valentine's Day March 14

The 14th of March is the official date of guy’s Valentine’s day. We here at LoveWorks are excited to support this fun little holiday.

But what’s so important about it?

Valentine’s day is a great excuse for you to be pampered and adored by your husbands, boyfriends and lovers. There’s no feeling better than the one you get from a genuine expression of love and passion. It makes you feel loved, sexy and delighted to be part of a great couple.

So what better way to inject some fiery passion into your relationship all over again than by showing your man why he’s so lucky to have you?

Madame Red -- The Goddess of all things Sex -- LoveWorksMadame Red of LoveWorks always looks forward to Valentine’s day for guys. “It’s always a fun time in the store!”

In fact, she’s disappointed that it only comes around once a year – and it’s not just LoveWorks that gets in on the action. We spoke to a local restaurant manager who said that they’re “so packed – we always bring in extra staff.”

Valentine’s day for men hasn’t been around for very long in the US.

But the rest of the world is a long way ahead. In fact, Asia has had a long, romantic history with celebrating their men. For them, February 14th is a day where the ladies give gifts and treats, and it’s not until the month after that they get their own celebration as a way of reciprocating.

Here’s how it works. Tell your fella’ to clear his schedule for the evening. You’re gonna take him on a hot andsteak valentines day sensual journey – but you can’t say anything more without spoiling the surprise. You can even try looking for some fun Valentine’s gifts for him.

Now here’s where Valentine’s day for men is a little different. Think about the kind of things you’d expect to happen. You might get a bunch of beautiful flowers, fancy wine and a gorgeous dinner. Top it all off with a candle lit bath for two.

Unfortunately, the same approach won’t work the other way around. Men love doing this kind of stuff for the women they love because of the joy it brings you.

So think what you could do to show how much you value your relationship. If you’re wondering what you should do, we have a couple of ideas. Men typically spend $88 on average making you feel special – so you don’t have to do anything crazy. It’s better to make a real gesture that really captures what makes your relationship so special than buying fancy gifts.

The best thing about a relationship is knowing that you’re the hottest prize in their eyes. So why not use it as a chance to highlight your assets? You could try getting his and hers sexy underwear and unleash your inner goddess.

Wait a second – sexy underwear for him? Isn’t that just funny animal themed thongs for male strippers?

Actually, no! LoveWorks have been a leading proponent in genuinely sexy underwear for men. The kind that makes it so that you can’t take your eyes off of his impressive and tastefully wrapped package.

guys valentines dayBut that’s far from all you could try. If you’d rather get a Valentine’s gift for him that’s not a novelty item or the same old dull gifts that men always seem to get, creative gifts that you can easily make at home are a great way to add a personal touch. How about a ‘naughty coupon’ book? All it takes is a bit of imagination to think of fun stuff you’d both like to try in the bedroom. He can then cash those coupons in for a wild night between the sheets.


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