Why Did Penelope Pitstop Need A Vibrator In Her Car?

penelope pitstop pussycat compact

It was a question I didn't know to ask when I was a kid and watching Penelope Pitstop driving her pussycat compact.  But among her driving "tools" was the VIBRATOR clearly marked on the dash-board-giant-geer-shift-thing!

As an adult watching the cartoon, you wonder why any writer included a VIBRATOR in Penelope Pitstop's car.  Because we all know what a vibrator is for … right??  And how does that belong in a cartoon?

So the first thing I had to do was find out what the "vibrator" function actually did in her car.  According to some commenters, shifting into "vibrator mode" caused Penelope Pitsop's driver-chair to begin vibrating like a relaxation or massage chair.

I had forgotton that Penelope Pitstop's car was equipped like a mobile beauty salon.  In one of the clips, a mechanical hand comes out and applies lipstick to our female star.  There was also a hair dryer and make-up choices in the beauty gear shift.

So I guess it should be no surprise that she had a vibrator right?

The episode that the vibrator is shown is "Speeding for Smogland/Race Rally to Raleigh", officially referred to as "Wacky Races – Season 1, Episode 14".  If you didn't notice, they really liked illiterations (Dick Dastardly, Professor Pat Pending).

I wasn't able to find a free version of the cartoon anywhere — as each episode is available for "only $1.99 each".  I wasn't interested in paying. 

As I was writing this, I kept thinking about WHY the cartoon producer would install a vibrator in the pussycat compact.  Then it was back to searching and I found my answer.

According to a die-hard fan of Penelope Pitstop, when she activated the "vibrator" option, a belt wrapped around her waist and started vibrating.  It wasn't a vibrating seat like other commenters have said.

And then, I received an email from a post I had made about Penelope, who informed me that a strap did indeed pop out and lock around Penelope's waist, but it was a second seat belt, because when she choose the "vibrator" option, the entire car vibrated — or as he put it — bounced up and down vigorously!penelope pitstop

fat jiggling machine aThat was when it hit me.  The fat jiggling machines.  Well, that is what they were actually referred to among those that didn't like them.

It was the 60's.  You went to a beauty parlor, stepped onto a machine, put a belt around your waist and turned the machine on.  As you held on, the vibration was supposed to help you lose weight. 

So THAT is why they did it.  Wasn't it better when you thought Penelope Pitstop had one of the THOSE kinds of vibrators?  

Now I wonder if Mark Martin had a vibrator in his car; I mean, he DID drive the Viagra car, right??

I checked online, and we don't sell the pussycat vibrator; but we do sell the pussycat glasses and moustache for dress up night!  All it takes is a little imagination.  He will be Dick Dastardly … well, you get the picture.




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