4 Types of Female Orgasm

4 types of female orgasm

Happy endings are not just for men!  And Dr Umit Sayin set out to prove that the types of female orgasms women experience are more intense and more out-of-body than men are able to experience.

Yes, Dr Umit studies the different methods and types of female orgasm.  I'm not sure how he got that job; if he was "recommended", or just knew the right people.  But it was his job to study, analyze and present factual date (you know the kind with big words that go in academic style publications such as neuroquantology).  And according to his research, the first documented study of the female orgasm was in 1883!

4 types of female orgasmIn fact, it was believed that an orgasm was a necessary medical practice to cure hysteria.  There is a great and very entertaining movie called Hysteria from 2011 that you should watch.

In those early days, women went to the doctor's office to have an orgasm.  

Thankfully, we don't need a doctor's excuse to stay home and scream. 


First, Dr Umit believes that women go into a different state of consciousness that he calls "orgasmic consciousness".  At that moment, they are only mildly aware of their surroundings as their mind is trying hard to process and keep with the feelings of female orgasm.

But all female orgasm are not the same.  According to Dr Umit,

“clitoral and vaginal orgasms are two separate entities”

Although it is possible to have a blended orgasm, the way the orgasm is processed is different on the type of stimulation.

But the fact that many readers already knew, is that women who reach these itense, out-of-body orgasms are known to have a higher sex drive, tend to masturbate more and for longer periods, and attempt to bring themselves to orgasm through multiple methods.

But first, I want to explain my point of view.  I don't work for LoveWorks in the stores or online.  But when I write about sexuality, and specifically in this case, orgasm, there are certain toys that can speed up and intensify orgasm.  That is why I get advice from Madame Red and Lady Siren about which of the toys I should include.

What is an orgasm?

According to Dr Umit, 

"Female orgasm is a neuro-psychological response and peak experience that results from the accumulated sexual tension, sexual stimulation, arousal and internal sexual build up, which is accompanied by neural and psychological discharge."

In other studies, it was described as "pleasurable convulsions"; "release of sexual tension"; "an internal volcanic eruption"; and the highly technical, "involuntary reflex action accompanied by unterine/vaginal contractions."  Well, however you want to define a female orgasm is ok with us!  We just know if feels good and we want more.

As I stated earlier, the orgasm differences between a man and a woman are unique.  Men have the "refractory period", which is the time needed to charge for the next orgasm/ejaculation.  

But because (most) women have no such refractory period, their orgasmic "state" can start again immediately following an orgasm.  And because there is technically no resting involved, those orgasms can continue for minutes into hours.

Some women tend to believe that an "orgasm is an orgasm".  But studies and interviews with women disprove that theory.  Some women can orgasm by having their nipples gently sucked while others can not.  It all depends on your "wiring" and the way erotic feelings pass through your body.  

And the harsh reality is that most women don't know what it takes to make them orgasm.  Statistically in fact, over 30% of women are not able to climax during intercourse.


Types of Orgasms:

Clitoral Orgasm 

The most sensitive and intense spot on your body is your clitoris.  In fact, there are over 8000 nerve endings all attached to and around that tiny little bit of skin.

But did you know that jumping directly on the clitoris first deprives you of a more intense orgasm?  

Having your other erogenous zones stimulated (touched, carressed, kissed, fondled) tends to build up the sexual tension, and ultimately provides for a stronger and more intense orgasm.

fingertip vibrator types of female orgasmVibrators can intensify your orgasm, and help you to obtain them faster and with greater frequency.  

One of the vibrators that is suggested not only for orgasm play, but for nipple vibration, and overall caressing, is the Hello Touch Fingertip Vibrator in white and in black.  

There are some other differences between them besides the color and price, but you can read about that by clicking on the color.


Sensuelle at LoveWorks Rechargeable bullet vibrator sex toyThe other vibrator that Madame Red suggested in the Sensuelle Point vibrating bullet, which Madame Red reviewed here (and loves).

"The Sensuelle Point is an excellent bullet vibrator and I suggest it all the time.  It is well made, last a long time, and has so many functions to make your experiences different each time."

You can buy her favorite toy here.



Vaginal or G-spot Orgasm

There are different beliefs on whether the g-spot really exists with a huge percentage claiming to experience orgasms generated through the rubbing of the penis on a certain spot inside the vagina.  Naysayers however, haven't experienced such an orgasm and don't believe them.

During intercourse, differert sexual positions will press the penis into rubbing the g-spot – the spot at the top of the vaginal opening, about 1-2 "finger joints" in.  It takes practice and experimentation to get to the "sweet position" that feels the best.  It also takes longer to build a g-spot orgasm, so your man will need to take a deep breath and possibly slow down.

There are also dozens of "g-spot" designed adult toys that are curved at the end to help you find your sensitive spot.


Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm is reached by simultaneously rubbing the clitoris and the g-spot.  There is a rhythym to this method and like everything else, takes experience and practice.  

Adding a vibrating bullet (like the toys shown previously) to your clit during intercourse, and having your partner try to position himself to hit the g-spot, is one way to speed up and intensify that sometimes elusive female orgasm!

Some women also talk about using a smaller "Rabbit" vibrator (like the Ina Wave Cerise) for combined or blended orgasms, but inserting the rabbit at an angle and only partially in, while keeping the vibrating tip on the clitoris.  I've never tried this so I offer no suggestions.


Multiple Orgasms

I'm not sure why, but multiple female orgasms scare some women.  Dozens have told me that they are not comfortable with the idea of multiple orgasms for reasons that varied from  "he only gets one, I should only get one" … to "I lose my mind during multiple orgasms and I don't like feeling the loss of control".

Everyone else in the world is saying, "HELL YES, I WANT MULTIPLE ORGASMS".  

And just for the record, multiple orgasms occur one after the other after the other wthout stop.  It is not the same as having more than one orgasm in one "session".

Another reason women say they don't have (or want) multiple orgasms is their intense sensitivity after the first orgasm.  They find themselves so sensitive that they can not continuously be stimulated.  And that is why I said earlier, that some women DO HAVE a refractory period — and this is it.  They need a rest between orgasms.

But no matter how you look at it, or which way you choose to pursue these "happy convulsions and explosions", we women experience an intensity and temporary altered state that men will never come close to feeling.

PS:  Other writers have included other types of female orgasm such as anal orgasm, urethral orgasm and more.  Those are a little more difficult to agree on and better left for a more advanced topic!


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