Evolved Duo Kegel Balls: My Thumbs Down

kegel balls

Oh the infamous Kegel Balls! How little anyone really cared to know about you until that one movie (“Fifty Shades”) with that guy who wants to spank the girl. I forget what its called….oh, yeah, Fifty Shades..

Anyway, after this movie came out I’ve had lots of people coming in seeking Kegel Balls vaginal exercisers; and often they want one with vibration.


The Vibratissimo line is Evolve’s version of the We-Vibe. You download an app onto your phone in the Apple Store/Google Play, and customize your experience.

This particular product is the Evolved Vibratissimo “Duo” and consists of 2 silicone Kegel Balls, weighing approximately 2 ounces.  The company boasts it has a unique technology that tracks your Kegel exercises and will show you your progress on the app.  I unfortunately cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of this claim, being that out of the 3 Duos in my possession, each seemed to have a defect of some sort.

kegel balls

There are great features in the Duo Kegel Balls such as-

  • Silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • Quiet
  • Customizable patterns via Vibratissimo app
  • Allowing partner to gain control of toy via app
  • Download other vibration patterns via app
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Effectively exercising Kegel muscles to strengthen vagina
  • Lights up when charging
  • Attached USB charger



There are some not so great features that I experienced:

  • Does not light up when charging
  • Loses connection frequently to phone
  • Unable to download vibration patterns from other users
  • Could only control toy via customize screen, where you drag your finger up and down to create a pattern (I forgot; this “drag your finger up and down” option was a COOL add-on to this toy!)
  • Retrieval cord has a USB plug at the end of it for charging, you slide this into any USB charging port. This is clever, until you realize you have a USB CHARGER DANGLING OUT OF YOUR VAG (See the yellow arrow!)


Needless to say, I think the ideas behind this toy are absolutely awesome.  However, I feel they bit off a little more than they can chew. This toy is too glitchy, the charging method is atrocious to me personally, and it’s too pricy considering those issues ($100+).

There will be fully functional vibrating customizable Kegel Balls with smart phone integration; however…this is not it. Save your money.

UPC:  844477008127



Although our business depends on the sales of adult toys, my staff knows that I expect them to be honest with customers.  Madame Red has never been known to hold back, which can be both good and bad.  The reason she chose to review this toy is because of a customer return, with the customer complaining that the toy didn't work properly.  And as she wrote, the other two in stock didn't work properly either.  It is very possible that we have the only 3 defective out of the million they produced, but we won't sell a product in our stores that we have experience returns or disappointed customers.  At LoveWorks, we tell the truth — we don't want you to buy bad products.




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