Kegel Exercises:  Give Yourself A Great Orgasm

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Who doesn't want to improve the odds of having an orgasm or making it a great orgasm?  Especially with very little work involved.  All you need to do is kegel exercises.

Kegels?  What are Kegels? 

Just like everything else in your body, Kegels have a long medical name, the "Pubococcygeus muscle", or to be short, "PC Muscle".

The kegels are located in your pelvis, stretched from the pubic bone all the way to your tail bone.  I showed my daughter this on a diagram of the human body, and she reduced it to looking like a "hammock".  I appreciated that simplicity.

Men and women both have PC muscles, because we need them to control our bladder when we pee.  Men refer to it as their "pee muscle".  

During intercourse, your male partner will likely feel your kegels when you have that great orgasm, because your kegels squeeze involuntarily at that point.  

Since the kegels are muscles, they can be exercised.  Which means, the more often you perform kegel exercises, the stronger the kegel muscles are, the better change to improve your already great orgasm!

Your partner will notice a stronger kegel and you will notice a feeling of being "fuller" when your partner is inside of you.  If you have had children, you may realize that your vagina has changed.  Kegel exercises will tighten up the vagina and put your on track to that great orgasm!

Although none of us want to talk "leakage", kegel exercises will prevent the development of incontinence, and keep us one day further from depends.


The Kegel Exercises: Do I need to go to the gym?

Strange as it sounds, kegel exercises can be performed anywhere; the movies, the gym, the boring PTO meeting.  But to begin exercising your kegels, you need to locate them.

Like my daughter says, sometimes the more simple you make something, the easier it is to understand, so we are back to peeing!  The next time you are sitting on the toilet urinating, "squeeze" and hold your vagina muscles.  

Two things should happen:  your flow or stream should stop, and you should feel your anus clench.  Release the "squeeze" and your urine flow should start again.  Repeat this process to make yourself more familiar with how it feels.

The muscle that you are using to stop your pee in mid stream, is the kegel muscle.  Squeezing and releasing the muscle is the basis of kegel exercises.


Here are a few exercises I like to do.  

First:  Slowly begin squeezing, until you you see your urine stream slowing down in volume, until it stops.  Hold for 2-3 seconds, then release the flow at the same speed as you stopped the flow.  Releasing at slow speed is more difficult than squeezing!

Second:  Squeeze quickly and force your stream to stop and start over and over.  You may not have noticed, but this is the same motion that your body experiences during a great orgasm.

You do not need to be on the toilet to perform kegel exercises.  I suggest people to start on the toilet because of the "live feedback" of seeing your urine stream stop and start.  

However, the exercises work even if you are not peeing.  Once you understand the basis of the action, you can do them anywhere.  I often do them at red-lights when I am waiting for the light to change.  Well, it is better than texting, right?

It is also (pleasantly) possible to exercise your kegels during masturbation.  Insert your finger into your vagina and perform your exercises.  This will allow you to feel the contractions and tightness from a different perspective.

Try to squeeze and hold for longer periods of time.  Then release and do short bursts of squeezing and releasing.

kegel exercises for a great orgasmIf you want to increase the different kegel exercises you can do, consider buying exercise balls — most commonly known as "Ben Wa" balls.  They have been around so long, that there is no known year when they were developed!

You insert the Ben Wa balls into your vagina and do your normal squeezing and releasing kegel exercises.  Think of them as hand weights at the gym!  Keep them in while you vacuum, or cook dinner.

The greatest facts about kegel exercises is that 1) you can do them anytime and anywhere; 2) no one knows you are doing them; and 3) the potential benefit of improving your orgasm is worth every second.

There is no reason NOT to do kegel exercises with all the benefits!  A great orgasm is enough to encourage me to do many things.

LoveWorks offers many different types of Ben Wa Balls, and we always have them in stock because of the volume we sell!  That is the first question you should ask your best friends the next time you are on a girl's night out:  "Do you have a set of Ben Wa Balls?"

Also remember that the balls are like any other insertable item, they need to be cleaned after use, and stored in a clean, dry place.  Before using them, inspect them to make sure there are no nicks or cuts, and that they do not have any threads or clothing fibers from where you hid them in the sock drawer.


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