Top 9 Things To Know About LoveWorks’ Sexshops

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Twenty years ago, women and couples didn't go into "sexshops".  They generally weren't clean, were dark, dingy; weren't female friendly, smelled of smoke, and had dubious "back rooms".  Times have certainly changed!

Today's sexshops are the complete opposite.  Well lit boutiques, located in popular shopping areas, designed with ladies in mind.  No more back rooms; no more smoky stores.  The sexshops of today have come full circle and are now a proud member of society.

But some customers don't know what to expect with stores like us, and are often too shy to venture in and see what is on the pleasure market.  We all have sex — and love adult toys — so why not pop in for a visit.

Is that you?  Are you shy to visit? Here are a few suggestions.


1.  Working here is not what you think.  We asked Madame Red about working in sexshops and what she tells people who ask about her career choice. "I tell them it is like working at Walmart, but we sell dicks instead.  I sold diamonds before working at LoveWorks, so go figure!"

In other words, stop thinking of us as "sexshops"; instead think of it as shopping at any other store in town.  You are there to browse and buy, and the clerks are there to help you make a purchase that makes you happy.

Don't be shy to ask.  LoveWorks staff are trained at Sex Toys University and can answer most of your questions.  If you happen to stump us, we know to find the answer before you leave the store!

You would be surprised at what we know.  We have looked at, packaged and sold every item in the store.  We can tell you which sex toys vibrator the hardest; which have the most functions; and which rabbit is the best value for the money.


2.  Bring a friend with you.  Lady Siren enjoys working with two women shopping together because they play off of each other and the shopping experience turns into an afternoon of laughter.  

"I love it when two or more women shop together.  Chances are, one of the women will already have some of the toys, and will start pointing out all the toys she has tried, which shocks her friend and sends her into a surprised laughter."

Even though LoveWorks stores are designed and staffed to not be intimidating, shopping with a friend helps make the browsing experience less awkward.

The only problem is that you might not want your friend to know you just bought that Monster Dildo!


3.  Do your research before you come into the store.  Lady Siren and Madame Red write about and review toys every week on  Read some of those reviews to help you feel more comfortable and know what to ask.  We are not here just to "sell you stuff" — we want you to go home happy — and get even happier with your new "relationship enhancer".    "Hahahahah" Lady Siren says, "that is just a fancy word for a sex toy!"


4.  Our staff is taught not to ask questions.  We tell our customers to let us know if we can help them find anything, and we check on them later to see if they are still ok.  

Customers who had no intention of talking about sex and toys when they came in, all-of-a-sudden open up and start telling us more than we need!  But that information and openness helps us to direct them to a toy they will enjoy.


5.  Lubes are not created equal – and yes, there are more lubes and types than you can imagine.

We write about lubes and the latest lubes that are released from time to time.  Lady Siren has a wonderful post about lubes including the yummy JO Gelato Ice Cream Lube line.

In the post, she discusses water-based lubes, silicone lubes, hybrid, and oil lubes; and explains why you might use any one of these different products


6.  Remember, this is what we do every day.  We don't judge people, otherwise how could we stay in business more than 25+ years!  We welcome everyone and try our best to make everyone feel comfortable.  Sexshops are meant to be fun!


7.  It is difficult to shock one of our staff.  I said it is difficult — not impossible.  We get phone calls from time to time trying to get us into talking in explicit detail about sex toys, and we teach our staff how to shut the conversation down and direct them into visiting our store.  

Some people are great storytellers and nervousness will make them talk more than usual.  Because of that, they tend to tell us "too much information" or TMI!  But it is ok; rarely have we not heard it all before.


8.  Even though we have operated online sexshops since 1998, buying in our stores is still better and more fun.

Our online products are displayed with measurements and good descriptions, but you still can't get the true feel of a toy's size, and certainly don't get a chance to see the power or the different settings that today's vibrators and sex toys have.

And contrary to the media, size does matter.  You might buy online and find out it is MUCH BIGGER than you intended.  You would have saved yourself that aggravation if you had visited one of our stores.

But online sexshops are great for our customers who live too far to visit a LoveWorks Adult Store.  Plus, we carry more products online than we can in the store.  So if you are looking for a very particular specialty item, check out the website first.


9.  We want you to laugh.  We try to tell people we are a "naughty" store rather than an adult store.  Being naughty, implies being risque, and both terms usually end in laughter.  

Both Madame Red and Lady Siren both had the same thing to say. "Please, come in and laugh with us.  It makes our day!".

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LoveWorks Adult Store in Lake Charles, Louisiana is located at 700 E Prien Lake Rd, across from the McDonalds.

LoveWorks Adult Store in The Woodlands, Texas, is located just north of Houston, north of Exit 73 from I45, the highway to Conroe and Dallas.

LoveWorks Internet Store is located at LOVEWORKS.BIZ




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