Celebrity Penis Admirers Outed This Star Celebrity

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What started out as a fun pastime posting nudes of himself turned strange when uberly observant celebrity penis fans recognized moles and other body marks and positively identified this star celebrity.

His nudes appeared on tumblr sites all over the internet and were appreciated and "liked" by thousands of viewers because of his massive penis.  

One tumblr commenter said "It is a fucking impressive cock; and I'm straight.  I never knew I had penis envy until now!".

Part of the excitement and appreciation is that he took the pictures himself — there were no paparazzi or long lens.  So the pictures of this star celebrity penis are clear and up close.

The other star celebrity penis we all talked about for weeks was Justin Bieber.  But the Justin Bieber Penis is small time compared to this guy.  Plus, Bieber didn't take the pictures of his penis to share.  It was captured by long lens, and was only half-erect, making it low on the list of those who appreciate the star celebrity penis!

So who is this celebrity?  The man known for this massive penis — which should be a celebrity in its own right, with penis aficionados bowing as he walked.

First, he was anonymously known as "bigwhitecock20".  He started off posting only still images, then posted video.  But interestingly enough, he never posted cum shots or a video showing him cumming. Trust me, that omission was noted by the celebrity penis crowd!

I think that bigwhitecock20 mistakenly assumed that his pictures were being appreciated by women, because in one of the videos, he is heard telling the camera "Get your husband to video us fucking.”

His name is Aaron Moody, and is a teenage footballer from the UK.  When you search for him, you are not able to find anything about his football career – only his monster star celebrity penis!

PINTEREST has a nice safe for work board, with links to some VERY NSFW pages showing all of his massive meat.  And it is worth a look.

star celebrity penis

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