Used Condom 101 – Can you Flush Condoms?

My used condom: Can you flush condoms

The use of condoms is a smart way to protect yourself from STDs and unwanted pregnancies.  But the questions is always:


I wish I could give some "environmentally friendly" suggestions, but it is not as easy as you might think.


NO!  It is too easy for a used condom to clog the plumbing system.  Even if you don't notice any changes in the drainage, a used condom can get stuck at any joint or connection in the pipe line under your house.  

And toilet paper and other items that are flushed down your toilet slowly get caught on that used condom, until there is no room in the pipe.  That is when toilet drain stops working and it is time to call the expensive plumber.  I'll say it again to help you save money and embarrassment?  Can you flush condoms?  NO!

On the other hand, if your used condom makes it down the line, it likely ends up in a treatment plant, that also doesn't want garbage like this. No one needs or wants this adding to the pollutants in our environment.

Latex condoms will biodegrade, but they won't if they are under water.  Spermicides, lubes, oils, etc., may affect their biodegradability.  The best option is still sending them to a landfill.

Other condoms made of plastic or plastic-like materials are not biodegradable.  The only option is the landfill.

Lambskin condoms, protect against pregnancy but not Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and are fully biodegradable.  So it is off to the landfill for them also.

And it doesn't matter which of these methods you choose, there will also be a wrapper (usually made of foil) to go with that used condom.  And the recycling man doesn't not want any of this stuff!

"Can you flush condoms because I don't want anyone to find the used condom".

You would be surprised at how many people flush the condom down the toilet or throw it out of their car windows (Ewwww!) because they don't want anyone to find the "evidence" of their sexual activity.

What is the solution?  What is the best way to dispose of a used condom?

Some guys tie a knot in the condom after removal to keep it from getting messier.  Then wrap it in toilet paper and throw it in the trash.

If you must hide your "evidence", throw it in the dumpster or trash can of a store (like a gas station who have outside trash bins) on your way home.  But don't throw it on the ground or out of your window.  No one wants to find that.

Your used condom is NOT recyclable and NOT reusable.  Get over it and throw it in the trash can!

Bill Gates is funding research for a new, better designed condom with more feeling.  I wonder if it will be biodegradable as well?  Candy condoms would be nice.  Well, then again, maybe not.

On the other hand, if you are looking to buy a NEW condom, LoveWorks has a great selection of condoms of all types and sizes.







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