Sex Shop Owner Gets Threats Over Dildo Nativity Scene In Shop Window

jesus and mary religious dildo


A sex shop owner is under fire for the nativity scene in his shop window.  Specifically, local Christian groups have expressed their outrage at the shop window display.  In the display is a nativity scene – but not like any you have seen before.  This particular scene, shows the Virgin Mary, St Joseph, and the baby Jesus each painted on a ceramic dildo.

The sex shop owner had the custom sex toys created and painted; allegedly created by the sculptor, and ceramicist Ernesto Yáñez.  Provided I have found the correct sculptor (!), this isn't the first time he has created a unique dildo!   This one in particular caught my eye — the Ecstasy Tree; for sale for only USD$7,100.00

Ecstasy Tree sex shop owner nativity scene shop window

Obviously the sex shop owner has a sense of humor, not only with the nativity scene in his shop window, but also the name of his store.  His shop, located in Talavera de la Reina, is named: 'Non Sit Peccatum' (which translates to 'NOT A SIN' in Latin).  Appropriate when you consider all of the controversy.

According to the Sex Shop Owner's own posts on facebook,

st joseph and mary dildo sex toys“A man with his wife ordered me to remove the offending scene and said that if I didn’t he would remove it himself.”

Then his shop suffered an attack of graffiti vandalism, when the word “pecadores” (or sinners) was painted on it.  

The sex shop owner has also received hate mail, including a letter telling him: “Don’t you have the balls to display something that would offend Muslims? Of course not, because they would blow you up.”

The shop window caused so much furor in the town, that there were people preaching and protesting every day, which affected the owner's business.  In a feeling of desperation, he removed the window display in hopes of having his life and business return to normal.

Of course, 80% of his customers want him to put the display back in the window and not give in to Religious Censorship.  Art is art.  Even if it is shaped like a dildo.


And if you came here looking for a SEX SHOP to buy a DILDO, you are at the right place!


(without Jesus and the Virgin Mary on it, we promise!)







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