What Is The Meaning Of Orgasam? And What Is Orgasim?

orgasam orgasim whats the difference The Sims don't care

Is it safe to say "spell-check" doesn't work?

What is the meaning of orgasam?  What is Orgasim?  I was confused when I first read these questions at Yahoo because I wasn't thinking about a spelling error.

In fact, I thought maybe that OrgaSIM had something to do with that game "The Sims" – a life simulation game which is the best selling video game of all time.  It made sense to me.

I wasn't so sure about OrgaSAM, unless it was a person created for use in The Sim's game.  Shows you what little I know about gaming.  I don't even know what the game looked like except they let you change your characters, dress, them undress (!) them and more.

So I decided to check with my friends at the URBAN DICTIONARY about "orgasam" and "orgasim".  I asked, "What is the meaning of orgasam?  And What is orgasim?"  Here is what I found:

Meaning of orgasam

orgasam is an orgasm without a spell check.

orgasm, NOT orgasam

What is orgasim

The fucking idiot's alternative to 'orgasm,' which is a sexual climax.

I don't know how to spell orgasm, and that gives me an orgasim!

For another fine example of illiteracy regarding sex, see masterbate.

So after I stopped laughing, and realized there was nothing in "The Sims" or any other video game called "orgasam" or "orgasim", I wanted to know how often this word was mis-used.

I found a bunch of websites that listed the "Top [XX] Most Commonly Misspelled Words in English" but couldn't find a page that only listed the sex words!  So I decided to make a quick list.  Here is my Top 8 Misspelled Sex Words:

1.  orgasam – (more than 10,000 searches per month).

2.  orgasim – (more than 10,000 searches per month).

3.  masterbation (and masterbate) – (each more than 100,000 searches per month).  Interestingly, the CORRECT spelling gets the same number of searches!  Mastrubate also took over 10,000 searches.  What is the deal?  None of us can spell masturbate correctly??

4.  viberator – (only 1,000 searches per month).

5.  Didlo – (over 10,000 searches per month).  Of course, this is a finger typing error so it is easy to understand.  I would have thought that "dildoe" would have been a contender, but it only received 1,000 searches each month).

6.  Penus – (over 10,000 searches per month).  Well, it is for "us" in most relationships!

7.  Bysexual – (over 1,000 searches).  This one still makes me laugh!

8.  And the final word?   PUSSIE.  (over 10,000 searches each month).  

So masturbate and the derivative is the most misspelled adult sex word on the internet!  Perhaps it is due to typing with one hand.

Do you know of any commonly misspelled sex words?  Like "organisms". 

what is Orgasim what is the meaning of orgasam





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