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Silicone Lube vs Water Based Lube vs Hybrid Lube

               Lubrication and the eternal questions:  What is the best lubricant for sex?  This can be a slippery subject for some people, but you should know that it is ok to need an additional lubricant, and it is ok to want it.  It is ok to add a lubricant for sex!  You shouldn’t listen to Rhonda Rousey, the once undefeated female UFC fighter got a lot of grief for “lube shaming” a year or so ago.  She commented something along the lines of that a woman should never need a lubricant for sex in her life, and she if did, it was because the guy was being lazy and not taking his time. 

               Our society seems to intent on telling everyone else how to live, what product to use, what size to be, and so much more.  I never imagine I would hear “lube shaming” of women FROM A WOMAN.  Rousey’s comment made me laugh on one hand, because it made me realize she has never dated any men with extra-ordinarily think penises.  Without a good lubricant for sex, it just wasn’t going to happen – regardless of best lubricant for sex got lubehow “patient” or “lazy” the guy was. 

               Maybe the partner isn’t taking time or is being lazy in the case of a few people, but it is not that way for the general population.  There are so many needs for adding a lubricant for sex.  The obvious need to find the best lubricant for sex is dryness — which is COMPLETELY normal and not because you have a lazy partner.  There are so many reason as to what can cause dryness from medical, natural, and medications – and women who have given birth will also tell you that they rarely get as much vaginal wetness afterwards.  In speaking to customers one-on-one, I find that most don’t realize that their over-the-counter allergy medicine will cause dryness; yes, even in the vagina!

best lubricant for sex no corn oil               Finding the best lubricant for sex helps to avoid the risk of skin tearing which can increase the transfer of STIs.  Lubricants also just lead to a more satisfying or more pleasurable experience with or without a partner.  But the key remains to find the best lubricant for sex that you and your partner will both enjoy.

               Rousey most likely didn’t know that the number one cause of condom breaks is due to a lack of enough lubrication, because the condom itself can affect a woman’s ability to generate more lubrication for sex and the sex act.

               There are so many different kinds of lubricants as well, I'll be writing specifically about water based, silicone based, and hybrids.  Each lubricant for sex reacts differently for each person using it.  A general complaint with a lubricant is that it gets sticky or tacky.  If you are encountering that problem pay attention to what kind of lubricant you purchased.  Everyone is made up of a different body chemistry, so switching from water based lube to a silicone based lube, or from silicone based lube to a hybrid lube fixes that tacky reaction. 

               Sometimes however, (and I hate to admit this), the tackiness or stickiness is because you bought a cheap crappy lube (probably at Walgreens.  Oops I didn’t mean to say that).  I always tell customers LoveWorks is a specialty store, so we are going to carry better quality products, and be more knowledgeable about which lubricant for sex are better than your average drug store brands.  Feel free to ask and share with us what you do or do not like about the lubricant you previously tried.  We can help you find a great match, and your comments remain with us as we talk to other customers and finding the best lubricant for sex in LoveWorks.

               Water based lube is probably the most popular form of a sex lubricant on the market.  They are typically the cheapest type of lube sold.  Of course, this is going to depend on the brand as some lubricants will be more expensive than others.  But usually in each of the different brands, water based lube will always be the cheaper option.  Water based lube is always toy and condom friendly.  It cleans very easily, no staining of the sheets or clothing.  Your body also absorbs water, so any water based lube will eventually get absorbed into the skin.  Which is why you get a tacky or sticky feelings more often with a water based lube.  Just apply more lubricant and it should solve the problem quickly. 

best lubricant for sex 1               One of the best lubricant for sex is from the brand “JO” and is called H2O.  It is available in classic, warming, or cooling.  It is a higher-end water based lube, and it has been found to be less sticky or tacky than others.  I always like to look at the ingredients listed in water based lubes and compare them just for fun.  JO H2O only has 5 ingredients.  From my view point, that is the way to go.  Less is best when it comes to what you are putting inside of your body, (no pun intended, lol).

               Silicone lube is by far my favorite!  Unlike water based lube, your body won't absorb them, therefore they last a lot longer.  Unfortunately they can be (much) more expensive, but a little bit of silicone lube goes a long way.  You will likely use only 1/10th as much silicone lube versus a water based lube.  10 to 1: that is a huge difference and when you use it you will understand why.




               Because massage oils are not made for internal use, I like to recommend silicone lubricants for that purpose.  They don't absorb, so they stay slick, and if it turns into more than a massage, it is already made safe for entry with no irritation.  The ingredients tend to be really good for the skin and leave it so silky and smooth, so silicone lube is great for people with sensitive skin. 

               The saddest thing, and the major drawback for a lot of people is that the silicone lube can NOT be used with most sex toys and is not recommended for use with condoms.  Silicone lubes applied to a lot of sex toy materials will eventually break down (destroy!) the material and make it look as it were melted over time; ruining the sex toy, or lessening the effect of the condom. 

               Silicone lube sometimes stains, so caution needs to be taken while using it to not make a mess, however higher quality brands are not as big of a problem.  The best lubricant for sex made of silicone is not washed-away or “cleaned” as easily by water because water will not break them down (but that is a good thing in some ways too).  It means you can use them in the pool, shower, or even the rain if you feel up to it!  If you have ever had sex in a pool you know it can be a bit of a struggle at first, but a bit of silicone lube will ease that right away.  Men usually complain more than women because they put the lubricant for sex on their hand, and then apply to their penis.  After that, they need something to wipe their hands on – and the slick feeling doesn’t go away so easily!  But when they realize how well the woman likes it, they usually forgot about the slippery hand.

   best lubricant for sex 3            Uberlube is an absolute amazing silicone lube.  Once a customer tries it, they don’t buy anything else – everyone agrees it is the best lubricant for sex!  Uberlube lasts forever (it seems), and leaves your skin feeling so silky and smooth.  It is also one of the most pure forms of silicone lube to purchase on the market today.  A true pure silicone lube will have fewer than four ingredients.  Uberlube has 4, with one of them being essentially a fancy word for vitamin E.  Some alternative uses for Uberlube would be to apply between the thighs to prevent chaffing, as a tattoo brightener and skin serum, as well as a hair serum.  Hey, we want you to find as many uses for your silicone lube besides using it only as a lubricant for sex!

               A hybrid lubricant is a combination of water and silicone.  Typically it is a white in color and thicker.  The thicker lube is so nice because it is less messy.  It goes where you want it to go, without getting all over the bed, etc.  You get the benefits of a silicone lube, with the ease of a water based lubricant for sex.  Hybrids are still longer lasting, but they do clean up easier than a silicone based.  You still want to use caution when it comes to what materials your toys are made of.   

best lubricant for sex sliquid silk hybridbest lubricant for sex sliquid silk              However, in the store our current number one selling lubricant in general, is the Sliquid Silk.  Their lubricants in all varieties sell amazingly well.  Sliquid Silk is vegan friendly.  Being vegan friendly in my opinion, is super important because it means it should be really friendly for internal use.  Sliquid in particular is made for people who are super sensitive.  It has a neutral ph and encourages the body to maintain its natural ph.  Sliquid Silk also emulates your body’s natural lubrication, so it works with, and encourages your own lubrication to produce.  I am telling you, it is AMAZING!



               When choosing the best lubricant for sex for you, make sure it is one that works for you.  Do not settle for tacky or sticky lubricant that you don’t like after the first or second use.  Throw it away and buy a lube that makes you feel good.  Of course, when using any lubricant for sex (but especially silicone lube), use caution to prevent spills, as the floor and other surfaces could become slick and potentially dangerous.  And have a wash cloth on or near the bed for any potential “whiners” who feel their hand is too slippery!  Other than that, have some fun. 

               If you visit a LoveWorks’ store, ask us any question you would like.  If we don’t know the answer, we will immediately find it.  But you would be surprised how much we can tell you about our products.  We are very happy to tell you about the best lubricant for sex or any other item!  Don’t be shy – just ask!


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