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The Tenga Egg Review: A great disposable sex toy

The Tenga Egg is packaged in weird "egg-shaped" containers that make you think of the Easter Bunny.  If you didn't know better, you would wonder if it was a kid's toy inside the egg.  But once you open the egg, you know it came from the Naughty Easter Bunny!  That is the one that only comes around when the kids are asleep.

I had never seen a Tenga egg review before, so I really didn't know what it was before the clerk started describing it to me, after she saw I was holding it in my hand looking confused.

Awkward.  I never had a discussion before about a sex toy in a sex store with a women I didn't know.  But then I figured she has probably heard it all.

So I gave her the whole story.  I'm in Houston on business, staying in a hotel.  I want a cheap sex toy that I won't feel bad throwing away because I don't plan to take it home in my suitcase.  That is why I'm buying a sex toy, I don't want to bring ANYTHING home to my wife!

I hoped she would laugh, because this was uncomfortable.  She smiled and said, "Don't worry, you aren't the first".

sex toys for men tenga egg review"Ok, so let me tell you about the Tenga Egg.  It is a male masturbator that is intended to be disposable.  First you squirt lube inside the Tenga Egg and then slide it over your erect penis.  It may not cover all of your penis, but that is ok.  All most men care about is having enough material to grip in their hand so they can squeeze."

Jeez, I thought.  I wish I was recording this because she could be writing a Tenga egg review that would probably help other buyers.  (I ended up doing the review, and hope I quoted her accurately enough.)

But she wasn't finished.  "Each Tenga egg is different; it has different textures on the inside, so no two eggs will feel the same during masturbation.  When you run your fingers over the sample, you will feel different ridges, mens sex toys tenga egg reviewknobs and bumps."

"And even though I said it was disposable, you can rinse it out and get multiple uses out of it, until it is time to pack up to go home."

So I bought the Tenga egg (the "shiny" one) and went back to my hotel, after a conversation in a sex store that I was sure I would never forget.

That is when I got to perform my own Tenga egg review!  It was exactly as described.  When you open the egg you get a squishy, plastic-gel-like sock-looking-thing.  

I squeezed lube inside the Tenga egg and slid my cock into it.  It was cold of course, I hadn't thought of warming the lube, but all the tingly "pokey-things" on the inside of the Tenga Shiny felt really good.

When I made a fist and began to stroke, I was happy I made the decision to stop at that store.  It felt incredible when compared to my usual boring fist.  Me and the fist have been through a lot over the years, but every man gets tired of the same old fist. 🙂   The nubs, the bumps, all pushed at different points on my cock as I stroked up and down.

tenga egg review male sex toysIt didn't take long before the Tenga egg had completed its job.  I left it on and full, while I rested for a few minutes.

In the bathroom, I removed the cock-sock and placed it under running water to rinse it.  It cleaned easy.  I placed it on a towel on the counter to dry since I would be in the hotel for two more nights.

As I drifted to sleep, the only thing on my mind was "I hope I remember to put the Tenga egg away in the morning so the maid doesn't find it"!

It is a cheap toy, and it wouldn't last long, but I only wanted it for three nights.  And buying a Tenga Egg at $10 or so was better than a $30 or $40 toy that I would throw in the trash.

Next time I'm sent to this office, I'll be back to buy another Tenga.  But this time I'll let the lady know I wrote a Tenga Egg review.  Maybe I'll get a discount.



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