Short Men Have Fewer Sex Partners In Life Than Taller Men

short men fewer sex partners

Acording to the results of a survey from Chapman University in California, short men between 5'2 and 5'4 had fewer sex partners than their taller counterparts.  

There were two reasons the statisticians felt this to be accurate.  First, women have a "minimum height" threshold and that is usually equal to their height.  According to other related studies, women do not want to date short men who are shorter than them.  That reduces the number of potential sex partners. This forum has comments from girls who agree with that statement. 

Katie, 18 years old from Toronto Ontario says, short guys just don't do it for me. I am pretty tall myself so a tall guy is a must. 

Shantia, 21 years old from Philadelphia says, I feel a lot more protected with a taller guy.

And second, other studies have shown that "height signals dominance, physical (and hence heritable) fitness, and social status to women who are seeking sex partners."  That means the short guys are a no-go.

A surprising fall-out from the study — SKINNY GUYS and the extreme obese guys have fewer sex partners than the guys in the middle.  They defined "skinny guys" as "underweight", but I never imagined that over-weight to slightly obese guys were getting laid more than skinny guys.

What about the skinny girls? They also had fewer sex partners but the researchers hypothesized this could have been intentional:

The first, he said, is that “underweight women are choosier because they’re in a position to be choosier.” In other words, if society deems underweight women more attractive than heavier women, those women can be more selective on the mating market.


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