Is It Legal To Sell Your Virginity?

sell my virginity auction

While searching the headlines, I again found myself staring at disbelief in what was posted.  "Is it legal to sell your virginity at a virginity auction?"

Throughout history, virginity (female virginity specifically) was a highly prized (and valuable) commodity, for moral, religious and financial reasons.  In many cultures, girls who had not experienced penetrative vagina sexual intercourse were considered "pure" — and often medical tests were undertaken to confirm virginity (by verifying that the hymen was intact) before marriage.

In Western society, times have changed.  The "indicator" of virginity — the hymen — is no longer prized, protected or valued.  Even with girls who have not experienced vaginal intercourse, the hymen is often absent for dozens of reasons including the most simple — sexual activity short of intercourse.  

I didn't think twice about being fingered by a boy when I was 12.  Although I didn't notice any blood (on either of us), I have always felt that is when I lost my virginity because I never remember a hymen after that.  So it is a good thing that I never followed the internet suggestions to "sell your virginity at a virginity auction!" because they couldn't have proved I was a virgin.

I know readers are squeamish about that last statement because they know that neither absence nor presence of the hymen necessarily means non-virginity or virginity.  And I understand that — but when it comes down to the wire, the presence of the hymen is "prima facie" evidence of virginity to most people (and for sure to men, which is who counts the most when you decide to sell your virginity!)

If you don't believe that, why don't we have men selling their virginity?  Because there is no possible method or "proof" that they are not a virgin; no verifiable way to prove they have not had sexual intercourse.

I didn't bleed when I had my first sexual intercourse.  And talking to my friends, most shared my experiences (with fingering, or other heavy sporting activities that left slight blood stains in their panties).

Did you know that there are some "kits" you can buy online that include a pill you insert into your vagina — and as your vagina heats the pill (which hopefully is at the time of penetration), a small amount of blood is liquified and released, to indicate the breaking of your virginity.

So again, the topic is — is it legal to sell your virginity and participate at a virginity auction.

As previously mentioned, poorer cultures still count on the daughter being a virgin.  Perhaps not for marriage – but the value of the hymen can be quite beneficial.

In those cultures, virginity has become a commodity, by that particular group of women who want to "cash out" on this once-in-a-lifetime potential cash windfall.

sell your virginity auction the hymenYou could say there are "many reasons" why women would want to sell their virginity or participate in a virginity auction and let someone pay to have sex with them for the first time.  But that is a lie.  There is only one reason:  CASH

In the USA – forget it.  If you attempt to publicly sell your virginity, you will be arrested and charged with prostitution.  None of the online auction sites will allow a virginity auction for the same reason.  The exemption from these laws is to go to Nevada, where brothel based prostitution is legal and go to work.  

In Australia, through a hodge-podge of laws, it is possible to sell your virginity by working with whichever legal method of prostitution is available in the area you are in.  We did find one of the most unique and anti virginity selling laws in place however:


"The law states that any advertisement that implies that the sex worker is … a virgin, is prohibited."

In 2010, a New Zealand girl allegedly sold her virginity for USD$32,000.  That is on the "high side" according to some articles which state that USD$10,000 would be a more reasonable amount "depending on the attractiveness and age".  This page details the 13 documented instances of girls who publicly participated in a "sell your virginity auction".  Wikipedia also has a page on virginity auctions, that are much less common than the reports want us to believe.

As I continued to read, I found that Asian countries have much more occurrences of those who sell your virginity, though they do not ever occur at virginity auctions.  Imagine the urge for a family to sell the daughters virginity when it might generate 1-4 year's income at one time.  A cash windfall.

My friends and I are in a private group chat and sometimes I post what I am writing about to get their opinions.  They guys all replied "Why would a man want to take a girl's virginity; all that pain, crying, twisting around; who wants to have sex with a woman who hasn't already figured out that she likes sex and knows what to do?"  Oh well, I guess there are some practical guys in the world!



Although I am one of the writers who does not work in either the online store or the physical stores, I wanted to know if anything was sold relating to virginity.  So I went to the online store and typed the word VIRGIN into the search box. I had to laugh when 12 products were displayed!

sell your virginity auction the hymenI really was shocked.  Sex Toys with Intact Hymens!sell your virginity auction the hymen

I never expected to find men's toys (which I'm told are most often called "pocket pussys" or "pocket pals"), in the design of a vagina to masturbate with that is made with a HYMEN, so the first time you have sex with it, you get the feeling of taking the virginity.  Wow.

But even more amazing was the "pocket pal" which was in the design of an anus that also had a HYMEN you could break!  I didn't do well in biology, but I never knew the anus had a hymen!!

The other products shown on the page were the "shrink creams" or "like a virgin" creams designed to make a woman's vagina feel tighter during intercourse Ala tighter like a virgin would be.  

Apparently there is no extra charge for the hymen. 🙂


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