Let A Female Libido Enhancer Rock The Night

female libido enhancer sex gel

               The clitoris actually has more nerve endings in it than any other part of a woman’s body.   And those feelings and nerve endings are stimulated when a female libido enhancer is added to the fun.   This explains why external stimulation feels so amazing, and is typically the easiest way to reach an orgasm! Sometimes something as simple as the seams of your jeans rubbing against it unexpectedly is enough to believe all those nerve endings exist.  (Yes, that really happens to women, yes, I might really like those unexpected surprises and occasionally try to recreate them more than I'd like to admit.)

               For woman who may be lacking a sex drive, or libido, we may recommend a female libido enhancer such as a cream, gel or oil to apply directly to the clitoris.  Sometimes women just get caught up in their own heads.  Using a female libido enhancer can remind the mind that there is something down there, and that it needs attention! They all are designed to encourage blood flow to that area and in doing so, make it engorged and more sensitive.  This sudden increase of sensation all at once, helps give that drive to enthusiastically jump on something and ride it back! OK, maybe not exactly, but great feelings and things will happen.  Although we carry over 100 sex gels online, I have my favorites.


               There are 3 top selling female libido enhancer products in the store, and they are listed in the below paragraphs in order of personal favorites.  Believe it or not, I am lucky enough to have actually been able to try all three of the following.  (Years of working here have many benefits.) They each offer a different sensation, warming, cooling, or tingling.  It really is just a matter of try each type to see what you like best.  All female libido enhancer products are applied about the same way.  You put one or two drops onto your finger and massage gently onto the clitoris.  You will feel something happening very quickly, but it needs one or two minutes to take the full effect.   

female libido enhancer               My first female libido enhancer item I suggest, (and my personal “go too” favorite), is “On” by Sensuva.  At one point it was voted the number one female libido enhancer across the internet.   On is all natural, made in the USA, and menthol free.  I am very upfront when selling this item, because I am aware it is not for everyone, this stuff gets HOT! You want to make sure to not use more than two drops of the oil at first, and that you are putting it only on the clitoris.  If it gets onto any other part of your vagina it burns. 

               You will still feel the warmth quite a bit, and it may scare you at first with how hot it does feel like it is getting, but bear with it.  After a couple of minutes it turns into the best, most wonderful feeling ever!  I do not NEED to use female enhancements of any kind, I WANT to for fun, but this one was beyond fun the first time I used it.  It caused me to have so much extra natural lubrication, and I am pretty sure the neighbors considered calling the police for noise control.  As soon as it took full effect I was ready to go!  Literally a mind blowing experience, multiple orgasms, and some of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.  It comes in a tiny eye dropper bottle, but does have more than 50 applications inside.  Your partner won't notice it as long as they do not get it on their mouth area.  It will sort of make their mouth numb, and no one wants that! But boy it is worth it!

female libido enhancer               If that one seems a bit scary, or you absolutely do not like the idea of a warming female libido enhancer, I then suggest my next favorite, “Awaken” by Wicked.  You may be familiar with the name Wicked, as they are a familiar porn company.  In the last several years they have branched out to making lubricants and now female libido enhancer oils.  A really cool thing about Awaken is that they are a cruelty free, vegan, “made in the USA” company.  A lot of people laugh when I mention that it is vegan, but it actually means a lot when it comes to something that has the potential to go inside of your body.  Awaken is free of any l-arginine, glycerin, and paraben, and maintains a well-balanced ph level.  I like to describe Awaken as a tingle or buzz.  It isn't warming, and it isn't cooling.  It just feels awesome.  I actually haven't used this with a partner, just on solo play dates, so I can't tell you if it would taste bad or not.  I assume there would be some tingling of the lips, probably not the best taste, but wouldn't be harmful to ingest.  I am sure it would not be preferred though!  One or two drops and you are going to want to get off immediately, it all feels so good.

female libido enhancer               The third female libido enhancer I suggest is “Liquid V” made by Body Action.  Before ON or Awaken we could not keep this stuff in the store! If you are someone who knows for a fact that warming is not for you, then this is what I would certainly suggest.  Liquid V is a cooling stimulant.  Again, applied the same way as the others, and this one is a bit thicker, closer to a cream or gel than an oil.  It comes in a small bottle, again with around 50 applications.  Liquid V does contain menthol and l-arginine.  Both are not harmful in small doses, however l-arginine is not recommended for use for a person who has genital warts or herpes.  It has been linked to trigger outbreaks.  On that note, the good news is that it is safe to use with condoms! (See that lovely timing I have?)  It has been a few years since I have used Liquid V, but I do remember how it felt.  I remember that one time I applied it for the quick car ride to a partner's house.  I jumped their bones as soon as I arrived, I was ready to go!

               Using a female libido enhancer is more than only helping you get in the mood.  Yes, it will help with that, but it also is about adding more fun and excitement.  Bringing that "desperate desire" back into the bedroom.  Being so ready to go that you would hump their leg if it meant it would get you off.  (Was that a weird thing to say? Lol)  Anyway, most of these are available in store in smaller, single-use trial sizes to experiment with before committing to a larger size. Trial sizes are not available online however.  

female libido enhancer sex gel

If you are not sure if you like warming or cooling go with Awaken

If you know you like hot, go with On

If cooling is the way for you, go with Liquid V

But do not think that because one female libido enhancer product did not work for you, none will work for you.  Everyone (and every product) is different   You must keep trying to get the right product to make the man in the boat the happiest.  🙂











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