How To Give A Blow Job Is Top News Story

how to give a blow job

When I first decided to write this article, I wondered if people would believe me or just think that I was trying to write another article about sex and using the news as an example.  Yes, it is true that I have done that, but this time is different (have you heard that before?).

I searched Gurgle News (gurgle; blow jobs; get it?) and in the first TWO pages of news stories, found 9 headlines relating to "how to give a blow job" or how to make your blow job better.

NINE!  IN THE NEWS SECTION!  Here they are:

how to give a blow job how to give a blow job how to give a blow job how to give a blow job how to give a blow job how to give a blow job how to give a blow job how to give a blow job how to give a blow job

The writers were from all over the board.  Cosmo, Glamour, Redbook (!!!), Huffington Post, and Gay Times.  You couldn't get a more diverse group than that if you tried.  The demographics of that group are mind boggling.

And they were all talking about one thing:  How to give a blow job.  It is an important topic.  And one that gets as many as 100,000 searches each month!  I find that to be incredible.  

What is even more amazing is that "HOW TO GIVE A BLOW JOB" is considered NEWS!  We aren't talking about help tips on bobby jo's or david's web blog.  We are talking about new sources writing NEWS articles.  About a blow job.  Isn't that amazing?

Remember back when you were growing up and your parents had the newspaper delivered?  Oh, and if you are under 20, you probably don't know what a newspaper is.  Every morning, like clockwork, some unfortunate soul was up at the crack of dawn, whether it was raining, snowing, hailing, or had tornado warnings, throwing the newspaper to hundreds of houses on his route.

I remember reading the newspaper while I had breakfast.  Well, actually I remember looking at the comics, but sometimes I glanced at other sections, especially entertainment to see what groups were playing locally.

Did they have any articles telling you "how to give a blow job?"  NO.  That wasn't a subject for the very conservative newspaper crowd.  The world would have imploded with an article like that.

But today, only one in four people read a printed newspaper.  The remainder of us get our news digitally (TV) or more commonly, online.  And unlike the newspaper, there is no limit to the number of pages or number of stories that can be presented to us.  And that is why the focus has changed.

We have redefined NEWS.  Wikipedia says "News is information about current events."  That is what I remember news being in the newspapers.

News is NOT just about current events anymore.  It has expanded to be about ANYTHING.  Including "How to give a blow job".  

Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump keep talking about "Fake News" and how fake news has affected the World.  I agree — there is no vetting of news anymore because anyone can be a news source.  I'm not against that freedom, but I do consider how "fake news" can effect world events.  And some of those news stories scare me.

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

There is no end in sight to this new problem that technology has provided.  Couple that with people who do not read anything except the headlines and you can see that we are a society that is being swayed by "alleged news".

So in between reading about the conflict in Syria; General Flynn's resignation; Trump's executive order on Travel; there are articles about learning and improving your blow job skills.  On actual and respected news sites.  

Isn't that amazing?




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