Sexual Intercourse – Only In Vagina Says Jamaica

sexual intercourse in jamaica

According to the law in Jamaica, "sexual intercourse under the Sexual Offences Act is penetration of the vagina of one person by the penis of another person".  The United Nations, wants to change that.

The old debate about anal sex has been resurrected with a United Nations (UN) recommendation that Jamaica's Parliament approve a redefinition of sexual intercourse to add penetration of the mouth or anus in order to fairly protect men and women against sexual violence.

Why does the UN get involved on the definition of sexual intercourse? Shouldn't they be taking care of a lot more important things?  As a country, we are getting fucked right now but you don't see the UN offering us any pain killer, now do you?

Back to Jamaica:  The local church lobbying group, representing the Jamaica Calition for a Healthy Society (JCHS) and the Associated Gospel Assemblies (AGA) is doing everything they can to reject the proposal to change the law on sexual intercourse.

Wayne West, head of the JCHS, said that the proposal disregards the 'biology of sex' and promotes the 'gay agenda'.  

Like West, the AGA's first vice-president, the Reverend Peter Garth, insists that the redefinition to include anal sex is a route to legalise same-sex marriage in Jamaica. He said that an "honest" medical doctor would admit that that form of penetration is unhealthy.

"I believe anal penetration is wrong in 2017 and anal penetration will still be wrong in the year 3000," he said.

The UN arguments is that only women can be raped under the law in Jamaica (which carries a penalty of up to life in prison).  

Boys can be "buggered" and their assailants charged with "buggery" which only carries up to 7 years in prison.  

"There is need for this broader protection of rights of men and women and it ought to be gender neutral. Rape is rape. Right now, a male child who is buggered, no one under our law committed the act of rape against him," argued Harrison Henry.

Which is an extremely misleading statement designed to instill anger in readers.  He makes the statement as if anyone who has anal intercourse with a boy against his will can't be charged.  That is not the situation — they can and are charged with Buggery.

The Jamaican Gay lobby had their opinion as well … 

JFLAG have dismissed critics of the proposal.

"Protecting men and women from rape should not be controversial. The same groups opposing this common-sense reform are also arguing to maintain archaic marital rape exceptions that allow married men to rape their wives," said Rodje Malcolm, JFJ's advocacy manager

According to JFLAG's Glenroy Murray, it is "unfortunate" that Christian critics are taking a position that gives greater significance to some sexual violence over others.


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