Marriage Romance Tips By Kamasutra And Me!

             The most common topic I address in the stores is “marriage romance”.   In particular, the question I get asked most is, "how do I spice things back up again?" Couples who have been together for extended periods of time are seeking that "new love" feeling from their partner again.  It makes total sense.  Marriage romance fades as habits and patterns form in a relationship early on.  Sometimes it comes down to one of two sexual positions once or maybe twice a week.  The answer I give is simple: foreplay! It can be defined as “sexual activity that precedes intercourse”.  So basically, whatever turns you on, and gets the blood flowing. 

               Foreplay can start during the day.  Take the time to text more often during the day, and get creative with your texts.  You can't send the marriage romance kamasutraaverage, "do you want me to pick up dinner" boring type of text.  Remember, this is Marriage Romance 101: Your message needs to be something more sexy, more personal, more exiting.  Let them know you're thinking of them. 

              One simple way to open the conversation is to send a simple and quick "I am thinking of you" message.   Then shortly after, let your intentions be known.  Share a memory of your favorite wild night with your partner.  That text opens the door for further conversation.  Continue corresponding through out the day getting naughtier and naughtier with each text.  Marriage romance doesn’t happen without effort – this is something that you must work toward.

                In the store we currently have such a large selection of lingerie for under twenty five dollars.   That would help with visual foreplay.  Sometimes the extra effort to put on something sexy is enough and it is appreciated.  The removal of it can be fun too.  My personal favorite is to put on the entire outfit, stockings, garters, the works, but then put on clothes on top of it all, usually a dress or skirt and have a date night out.  The entire night is spent "accidently" showing peeps of what's underneath.  It is easiest done by hiking a skirt up in the car, or crossing my legs, and showing the top of the thigh high where the garter meets.  Making it an "accident" doesn't draw much obvious attention to it, but just enough they can't wait to get home and rip your clothes off to see what's underneath.  That is one way to restore marriage romance with basic teasing and naughtiness.

               I also suggest a blindfold for any type of fun touching.  When you eliminate one of the senses it makes the other senses get heightened.  We do sell some in the store, but in reality, you can use nearly anything as a blindfold.  Keep this in mind with the following suggestions I make or come up with other marriage romance ideas on your own. 

               Using ticklers, (especially while blindfolded and unaware of exactly what it is), add a wonderfully surprising and different texture to play.  marriage romance kamasutraOf course you can use your hands or fingers gently, feather ticklers, rubber ticklers, or for a more advanced person, a pinwheel.  We call various types of the Wartenberg Pinwheel in the store and online.  I say more advanced, because it is incredibly intimidating to a lot of people.  It certainly looks scarier than it actually it. 

The pinwheel is made from steel, and has a rolling head of sharp looking prongs you roll over the body.  Use the pinwheel gently across the nipples, feet, genitals, or any other pleasure zone.  Since it is made of steel, you can place it in the freezer for a few minutes to cool it down.  In cooling it, it will add a total mind blowing effect.  Similar to using an ice cube, but without the wet mess. 

                             Marriage romance is about “time”.   Taking the time and interest in exciting your partner; gently and lovingly teasing your partner until both of you are worked up and remember the initial excitement that brought you together.

               Another popular form of foreplay on our marriage romance guide, would be edible play.  I will say this is more popular with the younger crowd, or beginner, rather than the advanced or older group.  It can seem a bit cheesy sometimes with the edible panties, or edible lubricants in their cutesy containers.  However, the entire “game” of edibles should not be so overlooked. 

marriage romance kamasutra             We have body drizzles and chocolate paints that are actually good tasting, and less messy than chocolate syrup! The Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate is actually very yummy! It is thicker, so it is a “less messy” chocolate than a syrup or body drizzle, and comes in a great little jar for storage and a brush for painting on the body.  Once opened the chocolate does need to be stored in the fridge.  But it is by far the best, most authentic flavor you will get.  Our marriage romance section also includes the full line of “Gelato” premium oral gels from JO.   They include Salted Caramel, Tiramisu, Creme Brulee, Hazelnut Espresso, and Mint Chocolate.   The taste is impressive!

marriage romance kamasutra

               Continuing with edible play, Kamasutra makes a wonderful edible body dust.  The brand Kamasutra actually makes a ton of really great “marriage romance” or relationship enhancement items.  I love to recommend them to customers.  The brand makes their items look as if they were created and packaged for adults.   

              Like I said previously, a lot of foreplay items look really cheesy by their packaging, and I think that is why fewer older or more advanced couples are less likely to try them. 

              The number one selling body dust would be the Honey Dust in Honeysuckle flavor.  It is packaged in a little satin pouch, and comes with a hand held size feather tickler.  You simply dip the feather tickler into the powder and tickle your partner with it on any of their naughty bits.  Then you can nibble it off.  It is deliciously delightful!

              Also comes in strawberry and raspberry.


        I feel like an intimate massage is sometimes the easiest way to get someone naked and marriage romance kamasutra candleready for a good time.   There are edible massage oils, but I personally prefer to steer away from those.   They tend to have some form of sugar in them, and that means they can get tacky quickly.  I find that there are two amazing options, both are actually made by Kamasutra as well.  Set the mood which is sure to aid your marriage romance with one of Kamasutra amazing massage candles.  The candles smell absolutely sensual, literally to die for! After the candle is lit for about 15 mins, blow the flame out and pour onto your partner's back and start massaging.  The wax is actually made up of coconut oil, shea butter, and plenty of vitamin E.  The wax from Kamasutra candles will not burn the skin!

              It does offer a great warm massage, without the irritation a warming oil sometimes has because of that ingredient.  I use the coconut pineapple scented one as often as I can get my partner to rub me down with it! My skin loves it, my aches and pains love it, and the end result is always worth loving! 😉


              Kamasutra also offers a more basic, but grown up style massage oil line.  Their Aromatics Sensual Massage Oil line is by far the most marriage romance kamasutrapopular in my store! It is a non-warming blend of essential oils in several different scents.  The most commonly sold Kamasutra scent is the sweet almond.  These oils also have a high dose of vitamin E, which make them amazing for the skin. 

              They are pretty powerful smells, but essential oils are a sought out thing right now.  And we love the Kamasutra line of oils and lotions because they have been around for many years without any negative comments from our customers.  

               Just remember foreplay or marriage romance enhancement can be simple, but it is mostly about bringing you and your partner back together, or about doing that little extra to add some extra spice back into your life.  There is always more than what I mentioned in this article already such as sex dice, games, vibrators, etc., but it’s all about what peaks your interest. 

               Also, all the items I specifically mentioned above look really well together in a basket or arrangement.  They make a wonderful gift if you need to leave any hints for your partner.  Plus, you can take that special basket of goodies and make plans for a naughty weekend getaway.  We don’t call it marriage romance for nothing!





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