Choose A Name For Your Rampant Rabbit

choose a name rampant rabbit


choose a name rampant rabbit best sellerRampant means wild, out of control, exhilirating, to be up on your hind legs roaring at the world. 

Doesn't that describe your little rabbit friend perfectly?  Quiet and meek until you give him permission to roar.  And then he goes out of control, shaking, twisting, jumping up and down just for you.  

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Doesn't he deserve a name?  

When you choose a name for your rampant rabbit, you must be sure that you pick a name that you can feel comfortable saying.  For example, Mommy's Happy Boy sounds cute, but do you really want to be calling that name out?  No, of course not.

And you need to choose a name that your rampant rabbit will respond to and will make him feel appreciated.

Here is a small list of names others have used to name their rampant rabbit.

How about Queenie?  Or Fergie.  Charles.  The Prince.  How about Harry?

What about Tiger.  Or Shaq.  Or Babe Ruth (who always hit it out of the park!)

And then there is George.  But honestly, that makes me think of George Bush, which further reminds me of an anal toy.  Lets continue.

What about "spicey".  Certainly you watch Saturday Night Live.  Spicey is a born pleaser.

Is your rampant rabbit a girl?  You can choose Maddie, or Ivanka.  Nah, probably not Ivanka.  She has been going down lately.

Is your rampant rabbit a boy?  How about Rosie?  Sorry, just had to throw that one in.  There is Brad; or Charlie (which comes with its very own "sheen" condom).

Maybe you want to get your cookies going.  How about sugar?  or Cupcake?  Dark Chocolate?  No, not politically correct.

Aunt Jemima? Wow, a little incestual to me but who am I to say.

There are always the candy bars:  butter finger; three musketeer (kind of a cool name if you think about it).  Quest (since you are in pursuit of something … ).  Hershey Highway. Oops no, wrong toy.

The seven dwarfs maybe?  Dopey, or Happy maybe.  Last thing I want is to name my rabbit "sleepy" or "grumpy".  I get enough of that at home.

You could consider the cartoon characters … road runner; wiley coyote, foghorn leghorn, or homer simpson.  No, homer would screw you over.

And finally, some famous names for your rampant rabbit.  Peter, White (is that politically correct) and Jessica.  And for zootopia fans, Judy Rabbit.  And don't forget "Lola Rabbit" … boy she was not.

Whenever you decide to choose a name for your rampant rabbit 


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