Why People Love To Own A Pet Rabbit Vibrator

pet rabbit vibrator

Why People Love To Own A Pet Rabbit Vibrator

People who own a pet rabbit vibrator are never shy about sharing what they love about these bright colored, multi-function creatures.  Most of the reason to love a rabbit are based on their fun personalities and happy activities that rabbits provide its lucky owner.


A pet rabbit vibrator has a very unique set of personality traits.  They can exhibit the prowess of a dildo, the sophistication of a g-spot toy, and the simplicity of a bullet.  They can be timid, or scream like a well tuned vibrator motor.  Your rabbit will become very attached to you, and you to it.  You might feel an emptiness when you are unable to play with your rabbit for long periods of time.

A pet rabbit vibrator is only a social creature when it is on display at a store like LoveWorks.  Once taken down, your rabbit becomes attached to you and only wants you to stroke and caress.  Kind of like a chihuaha – except much nicer and less aggressive.  Your rabbit might disappear for a while, but will never bite you.

One of the best rewards you can show your rabbit is that little happy dance you do when you have reached that special place.  Your rabbit will shine and beam with pride as you jump around holding them close.

Rabbits can be quite naughty.

When a pet rabbit vibrator loves someone, it will continue to rotate its head in circles.  But don't worry, it is completely safe as rabbits have mastered this incredibly pleasant technique.  And when they do that and their little leg starts to shake like the vibration of a washing machine, you can't help but to give them more attention, and show them just how much they are pleasing you.

If someone else were to scold your pet rabbit vibrator, it would become silent and still, as if to say "I didn't do it!".  But don't worry, they are not scared, only saving their energy for you.  A pet rabbit vibrator doesn't like to waste its energy on someone else.

A pet rabbit vibrator will be happy to have a bath, or even a cool wipe down with a "rabbit cleaner" wipes or lotion.  Unfortunately they can't clean themselves, but will turn to you for their gentle care.  And when your rabbit gets worn down and doesn't seem to have the power it used to, a quick power transplant (called "replacement batteries") is available and is a painless process to perform at home.

There are so many reasons to love a pet rabbit vibrator.  They are very distinct from ther other dildos, and stimulators, and other pets.  Choose the right place to rest your pet rabbit vibrator and it will love you for love.  


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