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4.  Anal Toys to Fuck the Ass: 

Anal play and the anal trainer is usually not used to "fuck the ass".  By that, I mean that those analsex toys are designed to be inserted and are to remain inserted for a period of time.  "Anal fucking" toys are designed to go in-and-out of the anus, simulating anal intercourse: in effect, giving the recipient a good ass fuck.

The Colt Rammer Analsex toy on the left is designed for your partner to move the toy in and out of your ass, teaching you the feeling of what receiving anal intercourse is going to feel like.  

The toy on the right is a great toy for someone to teach himself (or herself) to accept the feelings of anal intercourse, with a suction-cup equipped ULTRA THIN analsex toy.  The head is the only thing larger than the shaft — mimicking the feel of the initial insertion of the penis into the ass.  After that, the shaft is smooth and thin — providing a great hands-free toy that can be used alone.

We carry hundreds of quality analsex toys you can choose when you want a toy to fuck the ass!

anal fuck toys analsex fuck the ass with analsex toys


Strap-ons and Harnesses also fit in this category:

strap-ons and harnesses

Notice the first analsex toy – the Sportsheets Anal Explorer Kit.  This toy comes with two different dildos, a very thin one and a thicker one.  It is great starter kit for both him and her.  Also, I like this strap-on toy set because it is easy to put on and adjust.  There is nothing worse than standing around, stepping in and out of straps, telling your self, "how the fuck do I put this on??"

It has been 4-5 years now since we saw a huge increase in sales of smaller, thinner equipped strap-ons to couples, where the male was the intended receiver.  Now known as "pegging", it is the act of "reverse anal intercourse", where the female uses a strap on dildo to penetrate her male partner in the ass.  I think the description is pretty clear, but just in case, I'll include a drawing a female giving her man a good ass fuck.

pegging -- reversed anal intercourse ass fuck

While writing this, I went to Wikipedia to see what they had on the subject, and I learned something!  You never know when you are going to pick up a piece of trivia that you can amaze your friends with.  Here is what I learned:

There is a depiction of pegging in the William S. Burroughs 1959 novel Naked Lunch. The dildo used in the scene is called a Steely Dan III, and is the source from which the musical group Steely Dan takes its name

So my favorite group, "Steely Dan" is named after a DILDO!  25 years in this industry and no one told me that!   I had to go to the novel and find out how it was used, because supposedly, it was a women wearing the "Steely Dan Dildo" to fuck her male partner!  

“Mary is strapping on a rubber penis: ‘Steely Dan III from Yokohama,’ she says, caressing the shaft.”)











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