Bondage Tape 101 – Tie Me Up With Sex Tape Honey!

bondage tape sex tape

Bondage Tape – Your first choice for sex tape!

I love recommending the Pleasure Sex Tape from Pipedreams "Fetish Fantasy Series",  line to someone who is new at exploring restraint play. It is non bruising, will not pull the skin or hair on your body, and can be used in many ways.  Even though we stock the largest selection of sex tape from "Pipedreams", we also carry the "Fifty Days of Play" bondage tape because of the inclusion in the Fifty Day series … 

Warning:  Keep in mind that anytime that you are using wrapping tape, rope, or whatever it may be, use caution not to tie it too tight. Restraining too tight, regardless of whether you are using sex tape or rope, can cut off blood circulation. 

This bondage tape won't restrain someone to the point they can not escape, if they tried  hard enough.  That is what allows many beginners to feel comfortable with using sex tape.

Why I like the sex bondage tape:  I really like using sex tape because of two main reasons.  1) I like that it is "safe" — I could get loose if I had to.  But the most important reason:  2) Bondage tape does NOT leave marks like rope would!  I can't exactly go to the PTA meeting with rope marks on my wrists.  

Another use (other than restraining a person), would be bondage for the visual benefit. There are people who just bondage tape sex tapeenjoy the latex, wet-type look. The sex tape gives them the option of creating whatever look they desire. Most bondage tape can also be used to secure a toy into place, as a blindfold, a gag, or whatever else your heart (or sexual partner) may desire.  Bondage tape can also make a cool tape-boobtube!  Whether you want to wear sex tape out of the house however, is most certainlly something you should think about!

One of the reasons the Pleasure Bondage Tape is so popular is that it will not leave behind a sticky residue on your skin, because it only sticks to itself! There is no adhesive. It can even be reused, but is a bit tricky to re-roll it just right.  Fortunately it is completely affordable, and even though the packaging doesn't give a specific measurement of how much is included in one roll. I can say that it is plenty to tie up, create an outfit, be blindfolded, gagged, and have a toy restrained on my body, with plenty left over.  Of course, I have never done any of those things.  That is my story and I'm sticking to that.  But you get the picture.

The tape is just the right size for tossing into your bag for a weekend get away as well….just saying! 😉


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