Would You Use A Wooden Dildo?

wooden dildo

Would You Use A Wooden Dildo?

When I talked to my associates about this article, they all agreed immediately about two main concerns.  SPLINTERS and CLEANLINESS.  It didn't matter how much I read about a wooden dildo, I just couldn't accept using one.  Just the thought that mine could be the 1 in a 1,000,000 that was defective, and that I could be in an Emergency Room at some hospital with splinters inside my vagina.  That was too much for me – and a chance I wasn't willing to take.

However, the manufacturing process is quite interesting.  With the three companies that I found, all are small shops that make their each wooden dildo by hand.  Cue the bad pun: It is a hand job.  Ok, I said it and got it out of the way.  All of the manufacturers by the way, were outside of the USA.  I didn't draw any conclusions by that, just found it interesting.

This is Thierry Germain, a French carpenter, working on a wooden dildo.  The process is long and tedious, with multiple sandings, varnishings, drying, and sealing.  Each wooden dildo takes a lot of time to craft.

wooden dildo









Wooden Dildos in the United Kingdom had this to add about the manufacturing process:

After the wooden dildo has been smoothed and sanded till it feels silky smooth, we begin the lengthy 6 stage sealing process. We use the highest quality sealant – this is approved for use in food and even for childrens' toys, so you should have no problems. Compare this to the pthalates often found in latex and silicone dildos – banned in many countries! 


Another manufacturer, Holzdildo, had this to say:

The paint is saliva-resistant, sweat-proof and meets the requirements for children's toys according to DIN 53160 and ÖNORM S1555.  The cleaning of the vibrator is best done with a damp cloth.  If you want to completely get rid of bacteria on the surface, we recommend using a special cleaner for love toys.


In regards to the issue of splinters in a wooden dildo, NobEssence says NO WAY.  And even though I didn't find it on the site, NobEssence also makes wooden butt plugs, as I found a reference elsewhere to their quality.  

wooden butt plug1. Will I get splinters?
Not from our Sculptures. A significant portion of the sculpting process is dedicated to smoothing and polishing our toys, and then we seal the wood with our impermeable polymer coating. Why is the sealant important? When carved wood comes into contact with moisture, it absorbs those fluids and becomes rough, bumpy and even splintery. Most wood sealants considered ‘food safe’ will break down or dissolve over time, so we spent a long time searching for a sealant to make our wood waterproof and body safe. We’re delighted with the sealants’ performance – we’ve found a way to enhance the natural beauty of wood and make it waterproof and hypo-allergenic. When moisture can’t be absorbed by the wood, there’s no worry about splinters, in fact, NobEssence sculptures are so silky smooth, caressing is believing.




Dee Lee Doo is also a manufacturer of the wooden dildo and is based in Switzerland.  They are quite proud of the different types of wood that go into making a wooden dildo.

wooden sex toys







Although I am very open mind and willing to try most anything, I draw my line on wooden toys.  Yes, I know I might be slightly ridiculous, but one of the things we should all accept, is do only what you are comfortable with — and I'm not comfortable with wooden sex toys.  Even though they are beautiful!

LoveWorks does not sell wooden sex toys and there are no plans to add them at this time.  Each toy is expensive, and becomes a one-of-a-kind. But if you want something that no one else has, then a wooden dildo will be just up your ass alley.


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