Golden Dildo Award For Cee Lo Green At 2017 Grammys

cee lo green golden dildo grammy's


cee lo green golden dildoMike Myers had the Golden Penis in "Goldmember", so out of jealousy, Cee Lo Green created his own adult toy, "The Golden Dildo".  Or at least I think that is what he did.  

When I first saw the Myers costume in Austin Powers, at least I understood what was going on.

When Cee Lo got to the Grammy's, I didn't know what to think.  The only words that came out of my mouth, were "WTF?".  Is he really dressed as a golden dildo?

And based on the chatter on the internet, I'm not alone.  No one understands what he was trying to accomplish except to be WEIRD.  It reminds me of what happens when you sit around, smoking a joint, and you say out loud, "I know what will be cool!".  


But another poster had a better idea.  He felt that Cee Lo Green went to the Grammy's 2017 as an OSCAR!!  After seeing the picture, I was confused.  Was he dressed as an Oscar Award?  Or a Golden Dildo like I originally thought?

cee lo green golden dildo grammy's







Then I realized that I was right.  Cee Lo Green would never dress as an Oscar!!  He went as a Golden Dildo, because that is his way of saying "Fuck You" to all the haters.

So for that, we honor Cee Lo with the official Golden Dildo Award.  Thank you High Society for getting the award made so quickly.  

cee lo green golden dildo grammy's






















PS:  Hey Cee Lo, you should get together with Gwyneth Paltrow.  She has a thing for golden dildos!

For anyone with an extensive dildo budget, Gwyneth Paltrow has quite the device for you.

Selling at $22,000, the Oscar-winning actress recommends that if you're interested in receiving a luxurious orgasm, you should try out the Lelo "Inez," a 24-carat gold sex toy.


At LoveWorks, we do have GOLD DILDOS and other GOLD BUTT PLUGS.  And the the guys, we even have a GOLD FLESHLIGHT, with a mocha inset!  But they aren't REAL GOLD … Just gold in color — just like Cee Lo.

golden dildo cee lo green




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