Happiness Is a Warm Fleshlite! Just Like The Real Thing


Happiness Is a Warm Fleshlite!  Just Like The Real Thing

Yes, its true — your sex toys get cold also.  And who wants to enter a cold, dark Fleshlite, when you are expecting a snuggly, warm, moist blanket of satisfaction to comfort you?  It is terrible the suffering guys must endure.

Warm that Fleshlite Hole in a jiffy!

Have no fear – LoveWorks is here and has found a solution to this chilly problem.  The Fleshlite Warmer plugs into the wall and slides into the opening of your Fleshlite.  After a few minutes, the love canal of the Fleshlite is just above regular body temperature, ready for you to lube and enjoy.  No more sliding into a cold, sad toy.  Now your sex toy will feel like the real thing – warm and moist!

From the Manufacturer:

A carefully designed heating rod secured by a stable, non-slip rubber base.

A USB cable so you can easily charge the Sleeve Warmer anywhere, anytime. You will also get a USB wall adapter so you can use the device with any electrical outlet.

The sturdy, attractive base makes the Sleeve Warmer an ideal place to store your Fleshlight when it's not in use.

An automatic shut-off feature helps prevent accidental overheating. The device is not meant to remain plugged in for long periods of time.

The Sleeve Warmer is water resistant.

Plug the Warmer in, using either the USB cable or wall charger provided, and mount your Fleshlight sleeve on the upright rod.

The sleeve warmer eliminates the need to submerge the sleeve in very hot water, and let it soak for 10 minutes, dry off, then use.  Time consuming and messy!  With the sleeve warmer, flip your fleshlight upside down on the wamer, walk away for a few minutes, and presto — a warm vagina or mouth or "non-descript" fleshlight!

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