Mens Underwear: Sexy and Practical Underwear For Men!

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Mens Underwear – Sexy can be comfortable and practical

For a long time, I didn't like the mens underwear we sold.  It always seemed too "dancer-ish" and wasn't practical to wear as daily underwear.  Plus, because it was fancier, the price was higher than I would pay for regular underwear.

That was before I discovered the most comfortable mens underwear ever!  The underwear has a "pocket" that allows you to position your penis in an upright position, preventing it or your testicles from getting caught under your leg or in the fold of clothing.  Think about it for a minute:  How often does your guy "adjust" himself?

mens underwear for menWith our mens underwear, there is NO adjustment.  This is my FAVORITE underwear to wear when I'll be on the road driving to the Houston store, or going someone else for hours in the car.  Because of the pocket which allows me to wear him "up", I don't have to adjust "him" each time I change positions, trying to get comfortable behind the wheel.

Guys, you will understand this.  Your are sitting in the car, your penis is comfortably reclining to the right.  And then you get an erection — and there is no room in your jeans or underwear for him to comfortably stretch.  What do you do?  Reach down, grab him and re-adjust.

If you are wearing the pocket mens underwear from LoveWorks, you don't need to do anything.  Your penis is relaxing in an upright position.  When you get an erection, he continues in his natural upright path with nothing blocking his way.  He pokes his head out of the "LoveWorks Pocket Underwear for Men", looks around, and then returns comfortably to his pocket as your erection subsides.

Spontaneous erections are much more comfortable and less embarrassing.  Think of it as a male enhancement.  Because you are not restricting your penis with tight clothes, he has the opportunity to stretch more often and much easier.  And I'm sure you are like me, erections throughout the day can make you feel really good!

No other mens underwear gives you this comfort!  People laugh in the store all-day long at the display of of the pocket mens underwear, because it is so different from anything they have seen.  But once they have worn in once in a normally uncomfortable situation like I have described, they love it.  

This is only one of the large selection of underwear for men that we have at LoveWorks.  We carry boxes, briefs, and occasionally thongs in many different soft, comfortable material in a variety of colors.

We are sorry, but the pocket underwear style is only available in stores.  

mens underwear for menBut be sure to check out the hundreds of other styles online, including one of our better sellers, the Jack Adams Striker brief.  

This is another very comfortable material that lets you hang down instead of up.  It is perfect for wearing under loose fitting pants.

And yes, we have dozens of styles online of men's thongs for the more brave of you!


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