Used XXX Sex Toys Being Sold as New Expose

xxx sex toys

XXX SEX TOYS:  For Sale Used.

Have you ever purchased USED xxx sex toys?  Are you sure?  Did you every buy online and not from a reputable local company?  Did you buy from "a store" on Amazon?  Think again …

XXX Sex Toys are available used.  Some online sellers have such liberal return policies that they will take ANYTHING back for ANY reason.  If the customer is "unhappy" they will take back the items — including xxx sex toys.

So what happens to the xxx sex toys that are returned?  Do you know?  I don't know — but I'll tell you I find it very difficult to believe that they throw them away.

After undergoing thorough sterilization, toys are inspected and sorted according to their material composition. Vibrators and other mechanical toys are sent to the skilled technicians in our repair department for salvage and refurbishing.


What is "refurbishing" you ask?

… to make neat, clean, or complete, as by renovating, re-equipping, or restoring …


There is a company that rents xxx sex toys, allowing you to return and exchange for another toy.  Your return is cleaned and put back into the market.

How do you keep the toys clean and safe?
We've developed a patent-pending process for thoroughly cleaning each toy before it is sent out to a customer. Our extensive research and testing indicate that this will allow us to provide safe, hygienic sex toys without the fear of transmission of disease. Customers who are still concerned about safety can simply use a condom or other latex barrier with each toy.


As a retailer with brick-and-mortar stores (as in REAL, functioning, physical stores in communities where our reputation is at stake), we would NEVER sell a used toy.  All xxx sex toys in the store have their packaging wrapped to make sure they can't be opened in the store.  If a customer wants to see or feel the vibration of a toy, we wear gloves to remove and show the customer the toy – who must also wear gloves to touch it.

But we are seeing more and more toys sold used on websites.  Especially the more expensive xxx sex toys like We Vibe and others that were "used once" but the user "didn't like".  Searching on Craigslist will a variety of ads that have been placed in the past.

xxx sex toysSelling used xxx sex toys on a site like Craiglist though, isn't as bad because the seller DISCLOSES it to be "used".  When you buy from big retailers who sell millions of dollars of xxx sex toys each year, you must wonder what happens to the tiny percentage of toys that are returned?  

With a big retailer, that could be thousands and thousands of toys.  


What happens to those toys?  Are they "refurbished"?  

Or are they sold by someone unknown store on big sites like Amazon at lower than wholesale costs.  

How many times did you order online and it didn't come in a package.

Remember the old saying "you get what you pay for".  

When a toy is $3.95 online and $14.95 in a reputable store, you should ask yourself WHY.



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  • mike

    I did some review writing for a major online sex toy retailer.  They had a shake up of upper level employees and several of them posted info about toys being "refurbished".  Maybe it was just sour grapes, but…ew.  You are right – if the return policy is so liberal that anything goes, you may be seeing a used toy.  Double ew.

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