My Top 8 Entries for Weird Sex Toys

weird sex toys

WEIRD SEX TOYS:  Who creates this stuff??

Being in this business for so many years, you come to expect strange and weird sex toys.  And you come to ACCEPT all the oddities that are created each year.  Yep, it becomes "normal".  But sometimes, I sit down and look over some of the year's more weird sex toys.

Here are a few that gave me "pause". wink

#1:  Fox Tail Anal Plug

weird sex toysI always found this to be strange, but I guess animal play has evolved (for lack of a better word!).  And they didn't just create ONE of these weird sex toys, we stock 25 different TAILS!  

The fact that we need to stock 25 different items is a testament upon itself.

I don't know if people start off with "growing a tail" and then move on to full furry sex?  Nobody has explained that progression to me.



#2:  The Talking Sheep

weird sex toysNow THAT is just wrong.  Not that you are having sex with an invflatible sheep (yes, I told you my sexual compass was "off"), but the fact that you would be balls deep into a sheep and it starts TALKING to you!

Do you really want to hear your sheep talk?  I thought that was the whole poing of having sex with blow up dolls — THEY ARE QUIET!

Thankfully, the last time I looked we were out of stock.


#3 and #4:  I'm putting these together because they hurt me while I'm typing.  Vagina Spreader Clips and Penis Urethral Spreaderweird sex toys urethral spreader

weird sex toys Both of these items give me the heeby-jeebies.  Since I own a penis, the Urethral Spreader actually gives me night mares.  I believe in "to each his own" and "whatever floats your boat", but I can not understand how spreading my pee hole would be exciting.

But, I guess as a form of punishment, it might be fitting.  I promise, I'll be a good boy from now on.


#5:  Electro shock or "TENS" units:

weird sex toysI have written about my personal experiences with electric shock sex toys, so I won't go into detail again except to say it is not for everyone.

For me (read in detail above), electric shock units are better suited to be used on submissives by a dominant.  I think that is where the draw and the excitement really is because it is "behind your control".



#6:  The Urn-for-Ashes Dildo:

sex toy keepsake urns cremated ashes weird dildos  This is truly one of the weird sex toys!  I wrote a detailed review here.






#7:  The Lipstick Vibrator:

discreet lipstick vibratorLady Siren wrote about weird sex toys like the LIPSTICK VIBRATOR here.

But why?  Why do you need a lipstick vibrator?  Some of the new bullets are so unique and non-descript, no one would notice.  

And even if they did notice, why are they digging in your purse?  I would have got my butt beat if I got caught digging in my mom's purse.  Maybe even beat harder if I had found her weird sex toys.


#8:  Vesper Vibrator Around Your Neck:

crave vesper vibratorThe Vesper was discussed here on  

It is not so much of a weird sex toy as it is a terrible indicator of "keeping up with the Jones".

It is an expensive toy – and once it was seen by "celebrity-type" persons, it because (temporarily) popular.  It can even be engraved with your personal message.  How touching.

Lets be honest.  It is a HARD vibrator with less power than the cheapest disposables we carry.  And you are going to pay more than $70-$149 for it.  I'll pass.  



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