Kristen Stewart and an Egg Up Her Butt

Kristen Stewart Saturday Night Live Butt Plug

Kristen Stewart and Saturday Night Live!

This article originally appeared on  Mark Twain said that "Truth is stranger than fiction" and he was not kidding.  I've talked before how I love seeing sex and sex toys integrated into main stream television and news, because it acts as a desensitizer — unintentionally helping people adjust and accept the adult industry.  When Ted Cruz ran for President, his oppononents jumped on Cruz' history in Texas fighting against the "obscene device law", which removed the freedom for consenting adults to buy and use dildos and vibrators in Texas.  It was great! For a period of time, headlines and major news sources were talking about the right to have sex toys!  It was every adult store owner's "wet dream".

Add to that the Oregon Occupation militia requesting food and support, and received double dongs and a 55-gallon drum of lube!  And everyonThe Jack Rabbit Vibrator Mascote I know is familiar with the famous Sex in the City episode where the "Rabbit" sex toy became cemented in the minds of viewers forever.  And then REDBOOK, the staple of stay-at-home-soccer-moms decided to review the Rabbit vibrator!  I never thought I would live to see the day that REDBOOK MAGAZINE was reviewing Sex Toys.

At the time, we went from stocking 3-4 types of Rabbits in the store, to stocking dozens.  Adult stores around the US began adopting the "rabbit" as its mascot, a joke that only adults caught, giving them a smile, while their kids were telling them "Mom, look at that cute rabbit".

Yes, that really is the old man in the rabbit costumes.  From time to time, employees at the stores will take our rabbit and heart costumes out of the store room and go outside and wave to card.  It is so much fun to watch drivers giggle and laugh-out-loud as they see us standing there waving.

So it was both a shock and excitement for me when I watched Saturday Night Live this week (Feb 4, 2017), starring Kristen Stewart.  Not I have to admit, I didn't know who she was.  And I especially didn't know she had earned the honor of being slammed by Donald Trump in his Tweets … but then I also didn't know she was cheating with the "Snow White" and the "Huntsman" director, Rupert Sanders, while she was dating Robert Pattinson.  But then again, I didn't care either!

But on Saturday Night Live, during a skit on "what crazy things you did when you had too much to drink", Kristen's character admits to the "support group" that she was very shocked that she had swallowed an entire egg without digesting it, because, as she admitted, she "passed" it the next morning without cracking the shell.  But, with help from the "self-help group", she realizes that the didn't swallow the egg … It entered through her exit!  In other words, during her "out of control drinking incident", she inserted items into her butt for sexual pleasure!!  It was a funny segment, and again brought attention to the sexual mores changing in society.  Here we are on National Television, discussing the sexual practice of inserting something in your butt.  Thanks Saturday Night Live and Kristen Stewart, adult stores around the US appreciate the new interest in "butt toys".  


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