Homewrecker Vibrater Dildo: The GOOD Homewrecker!

shes a homewrecker vibrater

I have written about an Au Naturel by Blush Novelties products before, they make one of my favorite dongs.  ButLoveWorks Lady Siren - Wailing About the Virtues of a Vibrating World now I am going to write about a crazy vibrator they carry.  The name alone says it all really, and honestly, it makes me laugh each time I see it, the "Homewrecker vibrater"!

The Homewrecker vibrater is as imaginable by the name a larger sized vibrater.  It isn't one of those overly large, unrealistic for most people to use large toys, but certainly on the "woah" side of toys.  It is two inches thick and nine inches long with about eight inches being insertable.  It is certainly intimidating to some to say the least. 

Now there are those people who just love to watch their partner take something on the larger side, this would be at the entry level of entertaining those particular fantasies.  Then there are the men who straight up get scared to buy their partner a toy of this size, because they feel as if they can not compete. 

Guys don't do that!  It is so for real when I, or any other person, tells you nothing will ever replace the real thing.  No one can have a legitimate, intimate relationship with a sex toy.  As much as I adore each and every one of mine, and how much more simple life would be if I could, (lol), you will always be needed.  So rest assured, toys are for fun, they enhance sex, and make a quick get off for more rushed situations, they are not going to completely eliminate the need of a friend.

Ok, now that the rant is over, back to the amazing Homewrecker vibrater.  ūüôā  It is made from the same Sensa Feel she's a homewrecker vibrater dildotechnology as the other Au Natural product line.  It is a TPE material that, (in my opinion), they perfected to feel the most realistic, while still being the most effective.  It is super soft, looks realistic on the outside with its shape, and is still sturdy enough for proper insertion use. 

The Homewrecker vibrater has plenty of flexibility and give for comfort.  Like I said it makes for a perfect introduction toy for someone who is experimenting with larger toys, or you just want to try and get that really full, four wall stimulation kind of feeling.

I highly recommend using a lubricant with this product before insertion.  Without being properly lubricated for insertion the TPE may sort of tug or not be as comfortable.  Again, this is a “water based lubricant only” type of toy.  Do not use silicone lubricant with this one, it will break down the material and lessen the quality of the Homewrecker vibrater, and we don't want that. 

The vibration with the Homewrecker vibrater is excellent.  I used to tell customers all the time who want a more realistic feeling toy – that vibrates strongly, to give it up.  They won't find it.  This bad boy certainly made a liar out of me. 

Typically the more realistic the toy the more material for vibration to travel through before it gets to you, causing it to lose power, and feel very weak.  Not the case here at all.  It won't be the strongest vibrater out there, but is by far decent.  It uses two AA batteries inserted into the base.  To change the power of the vibration it is a simple turn dial. 

This is another one of those products that says waterproof on the packaging, that I would not recommend using homewrecker vibrater dildocompletely submerged in water.  And because of the material it is made from, in my opinion, excessive exposure to water can eventually make it almost dry and crack over time.  I just recommend to not use it in water at all. 

Of course you want to clean it before and after every use.  Simply spray with your favorite toy cleaner, rinse with warm water and let air dry.  When you take it out of the packaging you will notice it has a powder on it.  The powder is something used to keep the toy preserved over time without it getting sticky.  (You know while it sits on a shelf in the store waiting for a lucky person to come by and buy it.)

But that powder can also be purchased, and is recommended.  After the toy dries go ahead and pat a very light coating on it.  This keeps the sticky away and helps prevent cracking as well.  Basically it is a trick to help keep the toy lasting longer. [EDITOR’S NOTE:  Baby powder from the dollar store works just as well!]

The Homewrecker vibrater also comes with a 90 day warranty through the manufacturer.  It isn't a long warranty, but it is long enough to make sure you get a few good uses out of it, and it is working sufficiently. 

If you are curious about what a larger toy would feel like, but know you want something soft and comfortable, give the Homewrecker vibrater a try.  Surely it will not disappoint. 

For pricing and more information, click on the picture:

homewrecker vibrater dildo





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