Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo Review

tantus echo silicone dildo

Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo Review

I am surprised I haven't written a review on any Tantus products yet. They make a ton of excellent and amazing products. I do consider Tantus more of a premium brand, they can be expensive, but they are for all the right reasons. They carry products in all categories; dongs, strap ons, vibrating toys, anal, cock rings, seriously, the works. My newest is the Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo in Purple (aka Tantus Echo Handle). It is a silicone dildo, non vibrating, and a really genius creation!  Click here to check stock status.  UPC:  #830539003827

The Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo is made from a ultra premium silicone in the glossy finish. Tantus does something really unique with all of their toys. Tantus hand pours each item in to the mold themselves. They also only use the silicone one time. What I mean by that is that they loveworksdotcom make a pour into a mold, then all of the excess that is cut away from that mold gets thrown out. It will not be melted down and used again for another of their products.

Silicone is repeatedly my favorite material, however, it does come in several different grades and chemical breakdowns.tantus echo silicone dildo When you toss out the extra like Tantus does, it keeps it pure. It guarantees that it is that ultra premium grade level and this sextoy, "Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo", really is.

Now if you take that excess, melt it down, and create another toy with it, you actually lose a bit of the quality. Melting silicone down changes the chemical balance loveworksdotcom every single time. This high of a quality silicone is literally the best. It is as hypoallergenic as they come. You can clean it as thoroughly as you like even, it is bleachable, boilable, and dishwasher safe. Tantus believes in their products so much, they back you with a lifetime warranty, and the Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo is no exception. Tantus doesn't even want the toy back, (if by the off chance you do need to utilize the warranty), you contact them, send a picture, and they will send you a replacement or a like-product depending on how long it has been and if they still make that particular item (such as the Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo). 

Back to the Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo: more specifically, it is designed to make solo penetration easier. It can be used for anal play or for vaginal use. It has seven inches for insertion and is about one and a half inches wide. In addition to the insertable length it has a comfortable, ergonomically friendly handle. It is considered to be one of the firm sex toys, but has plenty of give. By that I mean that it is going to be stable enough for easy and comfortable loveworksdotcom penetration with some lubrication.

tantus echo silicone dildoHere is where the handle of the Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo comes into play. It will bend easily and flex with you. So you can easily penetrate with this sex toy from laying on your back or standing. The handle is long enough that you can do this comfortable, and more attractively if someone is watching! You wont have to hunch your shoulders over or scrunch up as much to get that great thrusting. (Can I get an amen from all the curvy women who know how uncomfortable dildo use can be sometimes trying to reach just the right spot!)

Also, the handle really aids in keeping a rhythm. You can get into a pattern of thrusting so much easier, and keep that pattern. If a partner is doing the thrusting for you, I have been told they feel much more powerful. It makes them think they are really nailing you with this super long and aggressive sex toy. In reality they are just nailing you with a comfortable size sex toy, giving them the illusion it is more than what it is. 

The end of the handle of the Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo flares out a tad bit, and it has a few ridges that fit anyones hand perfectly. That flare is not a suction cup. It isn't even big enough to fully support the loveworksdotcom toy upright on its own. But the ridges and that flare do prevent your hand from slipping. Let's face it, sex toy use can get slippery sometimes, and if you lose your grip at the wrong time, it'll really piss you or your partner off. I know it does me! So let's be thankful this handle was created with thoughtful care.

The penetrative part of the Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo meets expectations as well. It has a penis-like head, is ribbed on tantus echo silicone dildoone side, and smooth on the other. Because of the handle, it makes it very easy to find your g-spot with penetration. Your body will naturally guide this sex toy there while standing or laying on your back. The same goes for a man using this anally and looking for prostate massage. I personally can only speak on vaginal use for this product currently, that is as far as my "research" has gone as of today. (Lol, research. I crack myself up – we all know this is fun for me.)

I found that I was a huge fan of those ridges. If I inserted it with them facing up, towards the front of my body, they really rubbed against my clit very nicely with each thrust, and that only adds to the fun. I also decided to twist it back and forth with each thrust as I was cumming. That motion just set me over the edge! It felt like a huge amount of sensation just all over the place, I almost couldn't get away from how amazing it felt.

The Tantus Echo Silicone Dildo is a great non-vibrating sex toy. It is made from a company that cares, and has put a lot of thought and loveworksdotcom effort into making sure you have the friendliest material available to put inside of your body. And like I mentioned earlier, a lifetime warranty. That is bold, and really says a lot.


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tantus echo silicone dildo

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