Womanizer Clitoris Stimulator – Don’t Buy Until Your Read This!

clitoris stimulator Womanizer

Womanizer Clitoris Stimulator – OMG!

The Womanizer clitoris stimulator is the first toy I have used EVER to give me such an intense and amazing orgasm. There is no doubt about it! I even remember using my very first vibrator and loveworksdotcom the feeling I received from it, but this is nothing compared to that. As someone who basically remains chronically single, I have a plethora of sex toys, (and a lot them are known for being some of the strongest on the market), but those do not even hold up in comparison to the Womanizer.

I will admit, I was not impressed when I first received the Womanizer clitoris stimulator. Sure it is cute, has an attractive print on it, not an awkward size, ergonomically fits in my hand well, and it has all the appeal I typically look for in a sex toy. It is basically mostly handle, made from ABS plastic, but has a hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone head on it. Womaniser clitoris stimulatorThe silicone head is where all the stimulation would be coming from.But I was little confused. Before using any sex toys, I like to feel the power of the clitoris stimulator in my hand first.  I placed it on the tip of my finger expecting to be blown away by it, just because of all the hype I have heard around this sex toy. It barely, and I mean barely gave me any feeling to the tip of my finger. I moved it to the loveworksdotcom highest setting and I could feel a slight bit of power, but nothing that got me overly excited. AtWomanizer clitoris stimulator that point I was incredibly disappointed, and thought this sex toy designed 100% for clitoris stimulator would do absolutely nothing for me….thank God I gave it a shot anyway!

The tip of my finger is not as sensitive as..well…other regions the Womanizer is designed for! For this product, that test will not be convincing what so ever. That silicone head uses controlled pressure waves that feel like a suction once placed on the clitoral region, or directly onto the clitoris. It may take you a few moments to get it placed just right, depending on how well you know your body. If it isn't blowing your mind after a couple of minutes, move it, you have it in the wrong place. I can only imagine that this is why men are so obsessed with having fellatio performed on them, and most likely the closest a woman will ever get to actually knowing that same feeling. There are 5 different mind blowing levels of intensity provided by this clitoris stimulator. I did not even have it on the highest setting when using it, (maybe the 3rd level), and I will admit, I lasted maybe three minutes.

A little bit of extra comes with a Womanizer purchase, (other than an intense clitoris orgasm). I was super impressed when I opened the box and discovered it came with a really cute, sturdy zipper pouch for storage. I was even more impressed when I opened the zipper and saw what else was included. Of course the loveworksdotcom actual product was inside, but also the charging cable for a USB, instruction manual, and an extra silicone head piece for the toy. There are two pockets inside of the case. One pocket holds the toy, and the other holds the rest. It is neat and organized. Just the way I like to keep my sex toys. A few other companies have storage bags etc with their products as well, but to have an extra piece for it was what I found most impressive. This is a benefit purely for the buyer. From a seller's point of view, we could sell the spare parts and maybe make some extra money. Instead they included it. However, I'm still ok with that. It shows that the company cares that you value their products as much as they do.

Womanizer Clitoris Stimulator

The Womanizer clitoris stimulator is not waterproof. It does say that it is splash proof. I LOVE that they did not claim for it to be waterproof! If you read my reviews I am always talking about what waterproof really means in a lot of sex toys, and I will go into details about all of the stipulations they have with claiming it is waterproof. Honesty is greatly valued.

To clean the Womanizer clitoris stimulator, it is more simple than one may think. I know when I first saw it I was like woah…how is this going to ever get cleaned correctly. But I figured it out quickly. Just remove the silicone head, use warm water loveworksdotcom and your favorite toy cleaner. A spray or foam cleaner is going to work best for reaching inside of the opening, (I always say use foam), rinse, let it air dry, and the place it back. To clean the rest you can spray it with toy cleaner and wipe it down with a towel.

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womanizer clitoris stimulator

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  • Anita

    I wasn't really left impressed by this. It wasn't anything that made me jump for joy or made my toes curl. It doesn't have much power and it is kinda weird to operate while you use it. I too thought it looked like an ear thermometer, that's actually what I had thought it was at first. I like that it comes with a case and it's really pretty to look at, but I actually want something that is going to do the job for me. It has very little suction power. You also have to move it around to get the right spot actually suctioned from the toy. Which in the end is a pain in the ass. I actually thought the battery was almost dead when I used it but even with a full battery there was no increase in power or suction. It's also a bit on the pricey side too. I don't know though, maybe the one I purchased had something wrong with it, but I would have to give this a thumbs down.

  • Charlene

    It was a tad bit on the pricey side and I had never heard of it before. AFter doing my research and hearing quite a bit of positive reviews I decided to give it a try. If I had no budget I would get all of my friends one. Anyone with a vagina needs to experience what this thing can do! Awesome always comes in a small package. It is also really quiet when it is turned on. It is light and small which makes it great if you travel a lot. Plus it comes in a protective case, which is great when those people at the airport throw your luggage everywhere. I orgasm almost everytime I have used it. There were a few times I had to add one of my gspot toys or something a little extra like penetration. I would never use a cheap bullet or lipstick vibrator. Being a little older, I have more needs. Those cheap toys aren't worth anything at all. The magic wand is my other friend along with this toy. It does take a minute to get use to, I will admit that. It's very very different from all the other toys out there. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging or the different patterns it comes in either. To me, that is what makes the toy look cheap when it's really not. I really hope they make a waterproof one soon. That would make it so much better. I want every vagina to experience this toy!!

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