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Even the simple, yet intimate, and fun acts can be enhanced during sexual pleasure. Toys used in fore play are probably some of my favorites. (I know, I have a ton of favorites, but whatever, I just like sex.) Icon Brands have a finger vibrator that beats all other finger vibrators, the Tripple Ripple Silicone fingervibrator. It can be used for solo play or with a partner. This one, the Triple Ripple Finger Vibrator is hot pink, adorably cute, and very effective — plus, it makes for an inexpensive sex toy gift!

Triple Ripple Finger Vibrator Review

 Triple-Ripple-Finger-VibratorThe Triple Ripple Finger Vibrator is made from medical grade silicone, so it is phthalate free, latex free, totally body friendly. It also is firm, but smooth and soft, just really comfortable for your more sensitive areas. It is small enough to comfortably fit on your finger tip, and rippled for added pleasure. I actually have relatively thin fingers, so I have to use two fingers in the finger ring to keep it in place. However, this is a natural motion for me to use two fingers for this type of play, so it only helps. 😉 I encourage the use of water based lubricant with this toy, weather you feel like you need it or not. The effects of the ripples are incredibly heightened when lubricant is being used. (Do not use a silicone lubricant.)


Before you can use the Triple Ripple Finger Vibrator, you will need to unscrew the base where the batteries are stored. (It does take two AG 5 batteries, but a set is included.) Once you unscrew the base there will be either a piece of white paper or a clear plastic ring. You need to remove that and set it off to the side. Do not discard it. After each use I recommend you placing that back. It will protect the battery life, and anyone who has used these types of batteries before, knows that they can die ridiculously quick – if not kept properly. Basically any time there is a connection, whether the toy is on or not, it will be draining some of the juice from the batteries. 

 Triple-Ripple-Finger-VibratorTo operate this adorable fingervibrator, it is a simple one push button located at the base of the battery compartment. There is only one speed, but sometimes that is best. In my opinion finger vibes do not need to have a million different variations to go through and find one you like. Typically, you turn it on before putting it on your finger, or you just want to push one button one time after it is on your finger. The Triple Ripple Finger Vibrator is already on the tip of your finger once in use, and there is no easy way to change the speed or setting without it being distracting from the end game.

Finger vibes like the Triple Ripple Finger Vibrator are not designed to be ridiculously strong Triple Riple Fingervibratoreither. This one has great power for a fingervibrator, but they are meant to enhance some type of play that is already being done. For example, if you were a female using it to masturbate, without it you would possibly just use two fingers to stimulate your clitoris. With this fingervibrator, it would add the pleasure of vibration and the texture of the ripples, but the motion would still be the same. It would be more effective, a lot quicker, while adding something maybe more exciting than the norm.

The same goes for fore play. It will only add to it. If you have been with your partner for an extended amount of time, and just want to get that butterfly feeling back. Take some time with the Triple Ripple Finger Vibrator. Anywhere you would stroke your partner with your bare hand, you can with this attached to your finger. It isn't restricted to use only on a female. Yes, it helps stimulate the clit, but you can also gently stroke a penis with it, or gently play with testicles while wearing it. Just gently glide over their body, behind or on the ears, nipples, etc. It will only intensify those more sensitive areas, and that certainly is a plus.

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  • Annette

    I am all about that finger vibe life!! I don't think I have ever came across one that sucked. This one is not like the rest though. It actually has a silicone sleeve over the bullet which feels so much better, and there's even grooves in the sleeve its self. This takes foreplay, and "alone time" to a whole new level of pleasure. I really like this product, the vibration was stronger than I thought it would be. It lasted me a good while, but the finger loop broke eventually. I still use it though! That's not going to stop me from using it. Definitely a must have and would make a great present for that special someone, if you get my drift lol

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