Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator Review

Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator

Blush Novelties makes a g-spot vibrator I have grown pretty fond of. It is called the Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator, a long name for a great toy by loveworksdotcom.  I just happen to have the blue one, but it is avaliable for purchase in pink or black as well. It makes for a great beginner vibrator, or even a more advanced sex toy user like myself can still enjoy it.  (I never knew that one of my accomplishments in life would be to refer to myself as an "advanced sex toy user"!)

Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator Review

Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator 3The Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator is 8.3 inches long, 7.3 of those inches are insertable, and about 1.45 inches wide. The bulb at the top is a perfect size, and as it curves it gets a tab bit smaller, then sort of flares back out for the handle, which is still insertable. There is a sheek silver area that defines where the insertable area stops. Underneath that is where you unscrew it to insert the batteries. This vibrator takes two AA batteries. There is some plastic inside of it that tells you which way the batteries go, and it is advised to leave that in place. According loveworksdotcom to the packaging it works best and properly when that is left there. A lot of toys are like that. It also helps keep the noise of the toy down a little bit. Sometimes when you have a loud toy it is actually the batteries that are rattling around in the battery compartment.

The packaging of the Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator states that this is a quiet and discreet toy. I will have to disagree greatly. Maybe for someone who has not used as many toys as I have, might say it was "quiet", but it is not. I can not really agree that it is discreet either. The beautiful, bright color and size would lead me to think of it as not discreet! But it does not look realistic, so maybe that is where they were going with that thought? If you are buying a toy this size, just know you will have to hide it if you have important people over. But that is pretty much common sense.

The packaging states that the Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator is shower, bath, and hot tub friendly.  There is a Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator 3loveworksdotcom little rubber ring that is between the battery compartment and the toy. That has to stay in place in order for this to work correctly. Over time, with use, and constant changing of the batteries, that ring can get stretched out. Be sure to always check that prior to use. It also states on the packaging to not submerge past the silver accent. This is exactly why I say that waterproof is not always waterproof!  This is exactly what I mean by it is not waterproof, but "in the shower with a couple of drops hitting it proof". Sure bath tub and hot tub, but you are limited greatly. You'll have to be in a position that keeps the end of the handle out of the water at all times. If you completely submerge the entire toy it could ruin it. There is actually a one year warranty with this, but it doesn't cover water damage.

Like I mentioned, I am fond of the Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator. I use it in the shower with no problems, and the shower masks the noise that it does make. I store it in a make up bag underneath my bathroom sink, so it is hidden away and more discreet. I also like the ABS plastic material it is made from. It has a great loveworksdotcom smooth, satin finish that makes it more comfortable than other hard sex toys, and it is body safe. Body safe meaning it is free from phthalates and latex. This particular vibrator also offers the deeper type tone of vibration. I like to say it is a more true vibration, if that makes sense. The deeper tones just seem to be much stronger to me. They don't feel as strong in your hand, but on the more delicate areas one would use a toy, it is very effective. Effectiveness is a guarenteed win, every time.

I love the way standard g-spot vibrators, like the Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator are designed. The simple bulb at the end, curve, and handle make it a very easy toy to use for multiple things. If you have a knot on your shoulders it makes for an easy reach massage. Especially in a hot shower.

Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator 3

It is also an easy reach clitoral stimulator. I can lay on my back and just hold the handle comfortably, the bulb at the end acts as a full coverage clitoral exciter. It also is fun for couple play. If you are using a standard vibrator during intercourse you are sort of limited. During missionary there is a huge bulky toy in the way, and it can seem not as intimate. (Which is totally cool sometimes too, lol.)

If you want something a bit more intimate, and a closer face to face, where you can kiss each other more easily during sex, use the Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator. That curve underneath the bulb at the top actually curves towards your body. It will keep the toy much closer to you, than inbetween you and your partner. It also makes it easier to use a vibrator in other positions. Sometimes loveworksdotcom doggy style is almost a no go for clitoral stimulation. It gets trickier to reach, especially for a more full body type. This makes a perfect reach.

Any beginner or avid toy collector should really consider having one of these in their collection. IT adds just the perfect spark to solo or couple play.

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Blush Novelties Scarlet G Spot Vibrator 3


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  • Tatiana

    This was a really great toy. I loved the feel of the material and I actually acheived a gspot orgasm. It's not the strongest I've had toy wise, but it was really enjoyable. I love to use it during sex. The handle makes it so easy to hold on my clit in any position that I am in. It's even great to use on my hubby while I give him oral or add a little something extra to him while we have sex. It is a very versatile toy. I wouldn't think to use it on my body elsewhere. I don't think it would be strong enough to use other than on the downstairs area or the nipples. When I first got this toy it was quiet, but after a few months use it had slowly started getting louder. I think it's just the batteries vibrating against the inside of the toy. Plus I am a rather clumsy one so that may have something to do with it also. If you've never had a gspot toy and are wanting to try it, this is a great way to start!

  • Elaine

    I’ve had this toy for several months now and it’s still going strong. I also find it’s very versitile. I can use on my clit or as a g-spot toy. The best part of having the handle part is you have the freedom to twist and turn the toy while it’s inside to find the right spot. If you’re unfortunate enough to not know how a gspot orgasm feels, this toy will help you get there and it is amazing once you do. When I first bought it, it was very quiet, but over time and through out uses it has gradually gotten louder.  This vibe hits the spot and personally, I am very glad I took a chance on it!

  • Anne

    I love the color of this toy. It's very bright and eye catching. I saw the blue and the pink one and they were both very pretty and elegant. The material is very nice and comfortable on the kitty. I also like that the bulb is a bit bigger than other gspot toys. As far as power goes, it's really not that bad. It's not the strongest toy that I've used/had but it gets the job done. I don't think you would accomplish much if you used it on other parts of your body, like your back or something. I wouldn't think it's powerful enough to take care of that. A body wand would work much better for that situation. It's really not that loud either, at least the one I have isn't loud. Sometimes you can hear the batteries against the inside of the toy vibrating and that's about it. It's great solo or with a friend. I will use it either way.

  • Kasie

    This was the first gspot toy I had ever bought. I love this vibe and ended up being so much better than what the packaging details to it's customer. It's for sure the perfect size too. It's very hard for me to reach a gspot orgasm period, so I haven't really had much luck in that area with it. I have however used it on my clit and it blew my hair back on top of making my toes curl. The batteries have even lasted a lot longer than some of the other toys that I own. I wish at times it was a bit stronger, but I am perfectly happy with how the toy is right now. This brand needs to come out with a rabbit toy too. I would buy all of them!

  • Mike

    Really great review!!  I'll have to show this to my wife.

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