We Vibe Nova Will Have You Screaming WEEVIBE!

we vibe nova jack rabbit weevibe

We Vibe Nova Will Have You Screaming WEEVIBE!

We Vibe Nova proves that We Vib is at it again! I previously mentioned in an earlier review that WE-Vibe doesn't mass produce its sex toys, and that almost guarantees loveworksdotcom that you are getting a great quality toy. WeVibe puts so much effort into each design, and making sure it is perfect before releasing it to the public. They are known for the world's number one selling couples sex toy, but recently launched a couple of new sex toys catering more to solo play, but can do double duty if you have a long distance lover!  These are great toys and you will see why users scream weevibe!!

I recently received one of their newer toys called the We Vive Nova. It is a multi-function, offering g-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time. It looks a little extreme at first glance, and really makes you wonder how the hell it is ergonomically loveworksdotcom or anatomically correct, but it is, and it is an amazing design. I've never seen anything like this before, and am really curious why it took so long to come up with this idea. (But I am glad they did, and I am so glad it was a company with such great toys!)

we vibe nova jack rabbit weevibeThe clitoral portion actually flexes while in use. This means it stays in constant contact with the clit. I have noticed from personal experience to get the full g-spot benefits you need either thrusting or massaging directly on the g-spot. With the We Vive Nova, you can thrust all you want, the clitoral part will stay in contact. It has some give for when the Nova is pulled out, and as you do a deeper thrust it will give some more keeping the clitoral part still in contact. There are even two separate motors. One in the clitoral area and one in the g-spot area. Delivering full power to both areas. Whenever I review a rabbit style I always say you can hold down the rabbit, or butterfly, or loveworksdotcom whatever animal they have for clitoral stimulation down for more intensity, this design eliminates that. It is already giving you full contact and full power.

A more non-traditional way to use the We Vibe Nova (I have already discovered) is to aide in a hand job. I wouldn't buy http://www.loveworks.biz/product/CNVELD-WV6416/we-vibe-nova-pinkthis toy specifically for giving hand jobs, but if you have it, why not try this as well. The clitoral part that flexes with your body when not inserted is like a huge ring. A penis will fit in the open area with ease. And if the penis is on the girthy side, the We Vibe Nova will just flex open a bit more. Make sure to use some water based lubricant while trying to do this. (We-Vibe recently paired up with Pjur and made some great water based lube specifically for their brand.) You don't want friction to ruin a good time.

But again, because the outer area flexes so well you can make it as tight as your partner is comfortable with. The stroking and loveworksdotcom vibration is a great feeling. Remember, guys like vibration too. I don't think it would be enough to send most guys over the top just stroking it with this alone, but makes for great foreplay. If you were looking to really make the guys toes curl, use this and perform oral at the same time. That will get the mind blowing results you were looking for.

we vibe nova jack rabbit weevibe 7The We Vibe Nova has the same qualities as other We vib toys. It is made from 100% body safe silicone material. The silicone is non-porous, bacteria resistant, free from phthalates, free from latex, and free from BPA. As weird as this may sound; even touching the silicone of this toy with my bare hands feels incredibly clean and smooth. It is also rechargeable. The We Vibe Nova charges a bit differently than the rest do. It has a strong magnet that you place on top of the handle, then you plug it into a USB port. The magnet is so strong that you can lift the toy while it is connected by the cord of the charger. So it has a great connection, and charges very easily.

Obviously you are going to want to make sure it is completely dry after using it in water before connecting to the charger.  Yes, it is also completely waterproof!  Now you can see weevibe in the shower! It only takes about 90 minutes to get a full charge, which will give you about 2 hours of play. We vib makes their rechargeable products carbon neutral and eco friendly, which helps keep them out of landfills. So you can have guilt free orgasms knowing they considered the environment for you. 😉

The We Vibe Nova is quiet and comes with 10 preset vibrations. Much like the We Vibe4 Plus, you can connect the Nova to the We-connect app. This means you can customize any vibration patterns that you want. It also means that your partner can control the vibration from anywhere in the world. If your partner works loveworksdotcom out of town a lot, just pick a time to video chat and connect. You still have that one on one intimate feeling, just a bit more exciting because it almost feels like you aren't supposed to be getting off without them present, and they can see it happening.


When you purchase the We Vibe Nova, you will have just about everything you need included in the box. Obviously Nova will be included, as well as a storage bag, user manual, and charging cable. Again the A/C adapter is not included to convert the USB charger to a wall outlet. But you can charge it at your office computer, (like mine may or may not be doing now!).  That is one of the perks of working in an adult store — no one says a word about sex toys charging in every outlet and usb port!!

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we vibe nova jack rabbit weevibe

Sex Toy Opinions



  • Brittany

    We Vibe has truly outdone themselves this time!! This was the best toy I have ever bought in my life! I can't explain enough that it is the BEST. The part that goes on your clit is my favorite. It actually covers the whole front of your vagina rather than just a pin point on the clit. Even the gspot part left me impressed. I have never had a gspot orgasm from any toy I had before, but this toy totally changed that. It is super strong, soft, comfortable and there's so much pleasure. Even the battery is great. I rarely have to charge it. It's also super quiet. You cant even hear it when it's on. Plus I can operate it from my phone! How awesome is that?! Get this toy like right now. Don't doubt it and just go for it. I'll accept thank you's after.

  • Cathy

    I have majority of the toys from We Vibe, and personally this is #1 and my favorite. I actually get pretty excited to use it too! The intensity is out of this world. I am super sensitive so I dont use it on high. The high setting actually makes me go numb after a while. I would suggest using lube with this toy if you don't get wet that much naturally. For me it felt the best while I used lube. The clit part covers the entire area which leaves you squirming around with pleasure. I love the silicone finish on this toy also. It makes it super comfortable and very easy to keep clean. This definitely takes solo play to a whole new level of fun. The o's come pouring in when you use it. Everyone needs to invest in one for sure.

  • Misty

    The material this is made from is great. This may be the sleekest and smoothest feel of all the products like this I have tried. I love that it is rechargable and waterproof. It is one of the quietest toys I've ever heard. It has several different speeds and the controls are easy to operate. Better then your average rabbit vibe. The quality is really up there. I also loved it's flexibility. It was designed to shape to it's user like it should be. It is so easy to use and very quick to recharge. This, BY FAR, has exceeded my expectations. All I can say is WOW this is a must have in your toy box!!!

  • Brooke

    This is truly the best toy We Vibe has ever created. It actually curves to your body and covers your entire clitoral area. Not to mention the gspot part will blow your hair back. I would rather this toy over a rabbit any day! It will make you climax in under 5 minutes, easy. Instead of moving this toy in and out, keep it in and move it up and down. The curved part that is made for your clit actually rubs in all the right places no matter where you put it. This is also pretty damn powerful. I was actually shocked to see how powerful this is. Plus on top of everything else, you can operate it from your phone. *Mic drop* lol but seriously, don't question it, just DO IT.

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