Ever See A Topco Pornstar Pussy Mold? Watch Farrah Abraham!

topco pornstar pussy mold farrah-abraham-sex-toys

A Perfect Topco Pornstar Pussy Mold:


Farrah Abraham Sex Toys Line


            Ever wonder what it feels like to have sex with porn stars like Carmen Luvana, Lex Steele, Nina Hartley, Rocco Siffredi, Farrah Abraham, and others?   Whether you want a pussy, ass, or Double D knockers, or a huge and perfect cock replica, you can score your needs with authentically copied products, molded straight from the porn star’s actual body.  Yes, boys and girls its true, you can have the perfect topco pornstar pussy mold sextoy if you want!

            When you see a Topco molded sex toy, you may wonder if the pictures of celebrities are just to increases sales.  Sure the image may help increase sales, but it doesn’t stop there.  The porn star on the box is also in the box.  Topco’s items are authentically replicated from real vaginas, penises, breasts, and asses of the actual person on the box.  So somewhere in LA, there is a room full of topco porn star pussy mold and cock molds!  What a story that room could tell!

            Molding a perfect hard cock, complete with the details of the vein and bumps on skin takes preparation, time, and at least a 15-minute hard on.  While some stars rely on the help of visual aids, or a mate—others are just naturally able to hold their erection.  The erect dick is measured prior to molding in order to make the most accurate final product.  A pancake batter-like molding solution is poured into a special container and it is placed over the erection, until the batter begins to harden.  Once the batter is stiff enough to maintain the shape, the hard penis is removed from the solution.  The mold is measured and if there is a discrepancy between the true size and the mold, changes are made to the mold before using it for the final pour. 

            Women can have sex on the molding table right before the batter is poured on their pussy, to ensure the proper size of their vagina during sexual engorgement.  The best position to gather the best angle of the pussy is to have the woman lie on her back, with her legs straight up the air, open wide.  After she climaxes, warm batter is poured over her vagina and she takes molding position. 

topco pornstar pussy mold farrah abraham sex toys

          If  her ass is being molded for Topco’s “Doggy Style Pet Pussy and Ass” product, she gets into doggy style positioning, after orgasm and warm batter is spread all over her ass and into her pussy.  She remains in position for approximately 15 minutes.  When the batter hardens, the hard shape is removed.   The breast molds are the least involved, but are best taken while the nipples are wet, cold, or aroused, to ensure realistic and perky results.  Batter is poured all over her breasts and left to harden.  When hard, the molded form is pulled from her body. 

            Once the topco pornstar pussy mold is formed, they are used to pour the solution in to create the actual sex toys, such as the Farrah Abraham sex toys line.  Once the toys are pulled from the mold, each one is sent to skilled artists and craftsmen to be hand-painted.  These craftsmen and artists paint each item by hand, while they capture the exact skin tone and details of each piece.  The result is a finished product, made with the most realistic feeling material, molded from the actual person you may be watching on t.v. while you are in or on them in the privacy of your own home.

          Want to make your own dildo?  Easy!  Want to know what it is like to clone a pussy?  Your pussy maybe?  Not quite as easy but certainly possible.  Clone a willy and clone a pussy kits are available that let you create a replica of your own body part.  With clone a willy, you can obtain a fully usable copy cock!  Just like in the professional molds, veins and bumps will be seen and felt just as the real thing.

          Clone a pussy is easy to do but is not usable without some unique add on features.  As long as the vagina is shaved smooth, the molding batter can be poured over the vagina lips and allowed to dry.  That will allow you to have a mold of the outer portion of your vagina.  But to actually have sex with the copy of your vagina, it would need to be attached to another toy.  That is where the difficulties arise.

          But to solve that issue, Clone A Pussy created a "chocolate vagina pussy mold".  So instead of planning to have intercourse with the mold, your partner (or you if you are so inclined!) can lick your vagina until it melts away in your mouth!  


In action:  topco pornstar pussy mold


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