Sex Toy Vending Machines – Orgasms on the Go!

sex toy vending machines

Should Sex Toys be available in sex toy vending machines?

You are at a public place, you get thirsty, what do you do?  You grab a dollar and head to the closest soda vending machine.  What happens when you are in a public place and get horny?  Most people contain themselves. BUT, in life there are always exceptions.  What if you could just grab your debit card and head to the closest sex toy vending machine?  You could slide your card, press the option for the dildo and lube of your choice, and head to the closest bathroom around – instant gratification. 

Instant gratification, by means of kinky sex toy vending machines, has been around for years, outside of America.  Chances are, if you have been to London, Spain, or Italy, you have either seen or used a sex toy vending machine.   Public bathrooms, bars, salons, stores and nightclubs in London have welcomed vending machines which sell items like pocket vibrators for approximately 5 pounds ($8.80 US).

school girl used panty vending machineIn Japan … well what can I say, it is Japan.  You can buy just about anything legal from a vending machine, including (allegedly) used panties worn by school girls.  Yep.  Not kidding.

If you have been to a train station in Italy, you may have picked up condoms, edible underwear, or vibrators from a vending machine.  Although many people in Italy are fighting to ban these, they are currently available.

Spanish hotels and street-contained “cubby holes” are notorious for hosting sex toy vending sex toy vending machinemachines.  Walking down the street, you may look to the side and see an opening filled with vending machines that contain soda, chips, other snacks, and sex toys.  These machines are in plain site (if you look close enough) and are available without any age restrictions.

In the USA however, states do not currently contain sex toy vending machines.  Philadelphia PA, however, has joined its international friends and decided to welcome the addition of a sex toy vending machine called "Pink Box".  The Pink Box has made its debut in various unannounced locations throughout Philadelphia.  These boxes sell condoms, lube, dildos, and other sexy merchandise. 

It will be interesting to follow this story as sexual devices around the USA are banned from being in the "public display" where persons of all ages can view.  Think back to Playboy and the other adult magazines – and how much trouble they had getting their magazines on the shelves of 7-11 and more.  The magazines lost to the moral majority and were not displayed publicly – or were required to have special covers preventing any image from being seen.  

In states across the USA, adult stores have fought hard over the display laws.  This fight has spilled over to the mainstream world when Spenser's employees were arrested for unlawful display of sexual devices.  South Dakota, Mississippi, Illinois, Florida, and many other states have lashed out against the public display of sex toys and the unchecked ability of minors to purchase sex toys.  Allowing a minor to purchase sex toys in some states is a felony that requires Sex Offender's Registration!

I think it is going to be a long time before we see it happen, but loosen your belt, America, a sex toy vending machine may be coming to a town near you sooner than you think.  And if the providers of the vending machines can stay in adult venues (nightclubs requiring over 18 or over 21 to enter), then they might get away with it.  

But I wouldn't expect to see any at the local skating rink.


sex robot vending machine of the futureTake a look at this advertisement from sex robot vending machine of the futureIndia, where a man appears to buy a woman (or sex robot in the future!) from a vending machine.  

In the USA, this campaign would have caused so much protest and outrage the company would have probably gone out of business!  

RedTape is a shoe company, by the way … go figure!



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