Pocket Vibrator by Da’ Buzz! (Review)

da buzz pocket vibrator sex tiys

Da' Buzz Pocket Vibrator (reviewed).

Sometimes I get really excited about all the latest and fanciest toys that are out there, and I forget about how sometimes simpler is better. Da' Buzz pocket vibrator is a perfect example of when the simple sex tiys can be best.

There really is not much to this little powerful toy. Da' Buzz pocket vibrator is smaller, but not too small. Clitoral stimulation is going to be the most effective option for this toy, but not your only option. It is about 4.25" in length, 3" insertable, and about 1" wide. This makes it slightly larger than most bullet designs. I tend to prefer a, larger than the average bullet size, simply because it gives me more coverage. It can hit all the right spots quicker, ya know, less guess work for when a partner is trying to get you off.

Continuing to compare it to other sex toys like the bullet; there are no wires, cords, or controllers to mess with. This is a HUGE plus in my book. I may be a little rougher on toys than some people, but I sure do pull a lot, and I mean a lot, of cords from the controllers on those types of bullet styles.

http://loveworks.com/sex-toys/wp-content/uploads/da-buzz-pocket-vibrator-sex-tiys-2.jpg No wires or cords also means Da' Buzz pocket vibrator is perfect to keep in your purse. (Seriously, you don't want to forget to bring a toy to use with a partner when they are willing and ready. You should always come prepared!) I do not have to worry about pulling my wallet out when making a purchase at a busy store, and a wire from a more traditional style bullet being caught on the wallet. Which of course will cause it to fall out, giving the cashier and the millions of people in line behind me a huge laugh. (Yes this has happened to me before. I can laugh off most things, and I did this too, however this was traumatic enough I stopped carrying those types of sex tiys in my purse.)

Da' Buzz as earlier stated is simple. You unscrew the base, insert two AAA batteries, and screw the lid back on. You control it by a push button on the bottom that has two speeds, low and high. The low and high speeds are perfect for a beginner, or even a more advanced toy user. I mean, the high can still get me off. Lol. I also think the less speeds and functions can be better. Sometimes you get so caught up in all of the different modes these sex tiys have to offer, and you are stuck counting to which one you know you prefer. Then heaven forbid your finger slip and you have to start all over.

This little petite vibrator is fun to use with a partner as well. Da' Buzz pocket vibrator is non threatening because of its size and color. It is a great introductory toy for couples. It also is on the cheaper size of sexual pleasure toys, and that is typically more appealing to a first time toy user.

Get creative and use it during four play. It easily fits in your hands so use it while performing oral, either to gently stimulate the testicles http://loveworks.com/sex-toys/wp-content/uploads/da-buzz-pocket-vibrator-sex-tiys-2.jpgduring a blow job, or for slight penetration while going down on a female. This smaller, more simple sex tiy really packs more of a punch that it looks like it might. It is certainly worth a try.

UPC: #719256707020

Pros: No Cords or Wires

           Push Button

          Water Resistant

          AAA Batteries

          Small and Convenient


          Effective Speeds

Cons: Over time, it has been known to have the push button jam causing it to no longer work.





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Sex Toy Opinions



  • Kiley

    This was the very first "sex toy" I have ever bought. It really wasn't that bad as a first toy, but over time I have found much better toys. It's not the strongest but it's not the weakest toy out there. It definitely gets the job done. The push button is very hard headed. I have to hold it down in order to switch to another speed. In the pictures the vibrator looks big, but it really isn't that big. Clean up was pretty simple and easy. I would recommend this for a first time toy for anyone. It's not a total waste of time. I enjoyed it by myself or during sex.

  • Paris

    I love the material, the power is great. It is super easy to hold during sex, and even better when I use it by myself. It's even easy to keep clean. It's even quiet when it is on. Everyone needs to at least try one of these. It's great if you aren't use to using vibrators and other sex toys either! A great beginners toy.

  • Susan

    I am an older woman. I haven't had much experience when it comes to sex toys. I don't really know what is good or what is bad. For me personally this was a great toy. I was completely pleased with the power, size, and battery life. It got the job done everytime I have used it. As far as clean up went, it was very easy. I've had this toy a little over 6 months now and I havent had any problems with it. I am very happy with my purchase!

  • Daria

    This wasn't anything to make me jump up and down with joy. I mean it wasn't the best and it wasnt terrible. I would say maybe for a beginner it might be a better option, but for me having a resistance for toys, it didn't accomplish much. My go to toy is my body wand and trust me when I say the body wand blows this one out of the water. For someone who is super sensitive and isn't use to using intense toys, I can see this being great for them. For anyone with experience, I would tell you to opt for somthing else.

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