Best G Spot Vibrator by Nu Sensuelle (Review)

nu sensuelle best g spot vibrator

Best G Spot Vibrator by Nu Sensuelle (Review)

The g spot toy of all g spot toys, in my opinion, has to be the Nu Sensuelle G Rolling Ball Massager – the best G Spot vibrator! The fact that this is at least the third review written on a Nu Sensuelle product should give you an idea of just how amazing their sex toys really are.

The best g spot vibrator (rolling ball massager) is an excellent size. It is 7.5" long, with about 5.5" being insertable, and 1.25" wide. Remember that when you are wanting a g-spot toy, you really don't need anything longer than this. Your g-spot is located only about a finger length inside of the vagina. The curved shape is textured for your pleasure, yet so silky, soft, and smooth upon penetration. It feels amazing. I always say that a little bit of texture really adds to a toy. It is something slightly foreign, and a little bit more exciting.

nu sensuelle best g spot vibratorThe G Rolling Ball Massager has what I like to call a secret. It is in the name, yet just by looking at it you would have no idea. At the tip of this bad boy, where it is the most textured, with little nubs, there is a small ball. You can control this small ball and turn it on to either slow, medium, or high speeds, and the ball will move along loveworks the tip of the toy in a back and forth motion. It adds a kind of deeper tissue type massage, but far more gentle for your far more sensitive parts. The orgasms you get get when you combine any of the ten different vibration functions with one of the three speeds of the massage ball is unbelievable. Younu sensuelle best g spot vibrator can use the massage ball and the vibration independently or simultaneously. It is totally up to you and what works best for you personally.  Just this secret along adds to its title in my store of "best g spot vibrator"!

The vibration and massage ball are controlled by a push button located at the bottom of the toy, the handle. They are conveniently placed so that while in the process of using the G, it is easy to use your thumb to change loveworks the speeds or functions. There is a "M" on the button that controls the massage ball, and a "V" on the button that controls the vibration. Pretty simple, and very easy to use. To stop either feature, you just simply hold down the "M" or "V" for about three seconds.

nu sensuelle best g spot vibratorI absolutely love that this is a higher quality toy, for in most cases, far cheaper than some of the other higher end products out there, with very similar benefits. The G Rolling Ball Massager is USB rechargeable, so no batteries needed at all. You simply lift the cover on the back of the handle, and plug it in. A red and green flashing light means it is charging, and a solid green light means it is fully charged. It is recommended to charge for at least one hour before the first time use, but to get a good full charge it takes four hours. You will get an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes with each full charge.

When you purchased this amazing sex toy, you will get everything you need in the box. I love it when a company provides a storage bag with your purchase, like this one. It makes storing your toys together so much easier, and looks far better than sticking it in a sock with the rest of your toys. Remember you want to always store toys not touching each other, some materials work negatively against others over time. Including is also the toy, (duh), an instruction manual, USB plug, and an AC adaptor. All you need is your favorite water based lube and a great toy cleaner, then you are ready to go.

Clitoral stimulation is always easier for women, but to have a full g-spot orgasms, is the better of the two. Do yourself a favor and purchase the best g spot vibrator — the Nu Sensuelle Rolling ball G Spot massager. You will be nothing but happy.

UPC:  #9342851001869

Pros: 1 Year Warranty

           Water Resistant

          Unique Massaging Ball

          Comfortable Design


Cons: With too much pressure the ball may stop, and not be able to move on its track. However, used correctly and inserted you will not experience this.



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nu sensuelle best g spot vibrator



  • Nikki

    Sensuelle has impressed me with every toy they have. The point and this lovely toy has to be my absolute favorite toys out there. I am a toy fiend and I am always looking for something new and better to please myself with. The material is just as impressive as the other toys. Now, this is a tad on the loud side when you turn it on. But I am loud myself, so it doesn't bother me at all. The most enjoyable part of this was the "ball" that moves. That is what gave it the unique feeling. There aren't much other toys that have a ball that moves instead of just a bullet. I used this with the point and it took me into a body shaking climax that was unbelieveable. Clean up is so easy and fast (and I like the toy cleaner that the staff suggested I buy; it has a nice smell to it and makes you feel your toy is really clean).  Do yourself a favor and get started on the whole sensuelle line. Your vagina will thank you.

  • London

    Finally, I never have to worry about batteries or a wire getting in the way ever again. The USB charger is so versatile. The charger cord is super long so no worries about having to deal with a really short awkward one. The outside of the toy is super soft. The battery life is excellent also. I can go at least 3 days with out charging it. The warranty doesn’t hurt either! I would recommend this toy any and everyone! One of the best toys I have bought so far. The only downside is at times it tends to get a bit noisy and loud, specifically when the little ball moves. 

  • Baley

    I recently saw this vibrator at a local store and couldn't wait to try it out. I was highly anticipating the 'pearl ball' feature that motions much like the rub of a finger tip or flick of a tongue. The different functions are great. The small pearl has only 3 settings from Low, Medium and High. All in all, I am pleased with this vibe. My only suggestion would be that the manufacturer find a way to strengthen the pearl ball. Or maybe make it bigger. The pearl ball is a GREAT function to put on any sex toy! I think they are on the right track with this idea, there just needs to be more umph. It holds a charge for a decent amount of time. I had used it for up to two hours (dont judge me lol) and I was still getting a decent vibration. Although not as strong as a full charge, but 2 hours is certainly a good run time! I haven't tried it in water. So I can't really comment on it's waterproof ability. I would certainly recommend this item. It's sleek, pretty, easy to clean and a LOT of fun to play with alone or with a partner. It is really worth a try I would say!

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