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Powerplay Max Vibrating Cock — Maxx Power Vibe Review

When someone comes in knowing exactly what type of vibration they are looking for, I can't help but want to be their friend. It sounds a bit silly, but it also means that they know there is a difference, and are probably just as big of a fan of sexual toys as I am. All vibrators are going to make some kind of a noise. There is no getting around that. But, loveworks.com believe it or not , the tones really do make a difference. It isn't the loudness that makes a difference so much as the tone. Just  keep in mind that always what a person prefers is totally a personal choice. Some have a much higher tone, and some have a very deep tone. The deeper tones, in my opinion, are best. They are going to be the very low and usually more quiet of vibration. It will appear less impressive if you are just holding the vibrator in your hand, but as soon as you place it on a desired body part, you will notice how amazing it really is. The Powerplay max vibrating cock (Maxxx Power Vibe) is the absolute perfect example of a deep tone vibrator everyone needs to own.

The Powerplay max power cock (Maxxx Power vibe) is offered in three different bright colors, pink, purple, and green. It is sized very well in Powerplay Max Vibrating Cock 1my opinion at eight inches long, about seven of those inches are insertable, and two inches wide. This makes it a fairly girthy toy in my opinion, but it is very much worth it. You want the girth to be able to feel the absolutley amazing ripples. These ripples are in a very unique loveworks.com pattern that will keep your body guessing and excited about what will happen next. Some of the ripples are larger and some are smaller.

Powerplay Max Vibrating Cock 1 When using for penetration as you thrust The Powerplay max vibrating cock (Maxxx Power Vibe) in and out of you, it will constantly be stimulating the entrance to your vagina all the way to whatever depth you choose to put it. The ripples also come into play if you are laying on your back using the sexual toy. Naturally you are going to be instering it from a down-ward angle and pulling it up, when using it to thrust in this position, it will also cause it to stimulate your clit, the ripples alone would be enough for most people, but add the fact it vibrates as well. Get ready to have your orgasmic mind blown!

The Powerplay max vibrating cock (Maxx Power Vibe) is multispeed, controlled by a turn dial located at the base. As I've mentioned in past reviews, occassionally that turn dial will wear out, but this one loveworks.com seems to be pretty sturdy. I have not noticed any slipping in the dial, or it wearing out. It is made from my favorite material; the always body – safe silicone. There are several different levels of silicone, and the type they used with this feels amazing, it really does. Even when you touch it with your hands you can't help but notice how silky, soft, and smooth it is.

UPC:  657447093999

Pros: Rippled for Added Pleasure

           Great Girth

           Deep Vibration


          Waterproof (or as I like to say, shower proof)

           Body – Safe Material

Cons: Seriously, I got nothing for a con.



This sex toy review originally appeared on LoveWorks.com

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Powerplay Max Vibrating Cock 1

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  • Debra

    Very easy to clean. Has a nice feel, almost feels soft. I use it with a bullet and it is o-m-g wonderful. Some people you think something that needs a kick start or runs off of gas to even get a woman to climax, but through personal use I find the low vibrations in the big toys like this are what it is all about. I am never disappointed when I use this. It has now become my go to toy. Clean up is extremely easy. The batteries last a good while before I have to change them again. I would highly recommend this. I was greatly impressed and satisfied with this toy.

  • Sasha

    If you want something that’s strong, but not too intense, this is the one you need. On the highest level, it is perfect for reaching that deep gspot orgasm. The material is so smooth and soft, the button on the bottom is very easy to use to go through the functions. I also really like that it is waterproof. Can we say easier to clean!? I loved this toy and I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Ashton

    I bought this vibrating cock for the size, which was perfect for me. I love the soft velvet outside. Fairly simple to operate. There's only 3 speeds, which is the same as any other basic vibrator. It just doesn’t seem to have enough power behind the vibration. If only it lived up to the name. In the end, it's not strong at all, but the size is well worth it for wanting a big cock toy that doesn't look like a dildo.

  • Maria

    I wish that it had more speed. It feels good don't get me wrong, but once you start pumping this vibrating cock, you want it to vibrate faster and harder. It’s the perfect size for me. So I can't complain about that. I’m older and it comes in handy when my partner isn’t “in the mood”. I am totally addicted to this though. Sometimes I'll even add my bullet for extra pleasure and long story short, I am very very satisfied! The different swirls along it really do a serious number on you. It’s certainly worth the money and I would recommend it highly to anyone.

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