Lifelike Suction Cup Dildo from Mr Slim Au Naturel!

mr au naturel lifelike suction cup dildo 3g

Lifelike Suction Cup Dildo Dong

Finding the perfect lifelike suction cup dildo or dong can be a bit tricky sometimes. My favorite to recommend is the "Mr. Slim" Au Naturel by Blush, especially if you are looking for a more realistic feeling dong. Blush has an entire line of Au Naturel products in various lengths and sizes, the Mr. Slim specifically just speaks to me on a more personal level. 😉

A lot of the time when you are trying to find a realistic feeling suction cup dildo or "dong", you will quickly discover it has no stability. They feel really neat, but as soon as you get it out of the packaging you are filled with disappointment as you realize you basically just paid good money for a limp dick. Fortunately, that is not the case with Mr. Slim. Because it has a spine inserted through the center of the dong, (you can not see the spine), it offers amazing stability while still having the awesome, realistic, skin-like feel. The spine also makes it bendable for more creative play and comfort. It is made from a completely skin safe, thermoplastic elastomers, (TPE), which is also phthlate free.

Mr. Slim lifelike suction cup dildo is named this way for a reason. This incredible suction cup dong is 9.4" long, with 8.25" insertable, and only about 1.5" in width for insertion. Because this life-like dong has a strong suction cup located at the base, it makes it really versatile. The suction cup makes it compatible with a harness for strap on play, but it also opens up the door for so many other creativemr au naturel lifelike suction cup dong ways to play with a partner or by yourself.

Other than the fact that your partner can manually thrust you with Mr. Slim themselves, the suction cup dildo opens the door for all kinds visual play to spark your sexual relationships, (or great practice and pleasure for yourself during solo play). The fact that it is a longer dong makes this so much easier.  It  just works its way into all of your nooks and crannys far easier when backing up onto it than a smaller or a dong with more girth. I'll go ahead and give you some great ideas.

mr au naturel lifelike suction cup dong If you have a full length mirror securely mounted to the wall, it is really fun to stick this lifelike suction cup dildo to it, and back up on it, doggy style. You can do this easiest standing, but bent over, prop yourself on a chair  if you need too. This way if you have your partner watching it is not leaving any angle out. They can see your face and body from the front and the back. You can also do the same thing in the shower, just without the every – angle – visual.

Keeping it in the bathroom, you can mount it to the part of your tub you step over  to get into it. This gives you an easier way of getting that on top feel, but with plenty of ways to sturdy yourself. Also remember it has that bendable spine, so if you lean forward to brace yourself it will bend with your body and not lose suction.

If you have a great core, leg strength, and balance, and do not need much support Mr. Slim is great at sticking to a tile or a polished wood floor. Just balance yourself in "frog pose" and hop right on. I do recommend having it near a counter so that if need be, you can brace  yourself and remain balanced (should a huge orgasm throw your balance to the wind) by holding onto the cabinet. A chair pulled up near you would work just as well if you are choosing to use it in a room that does not have cabinets. Heck this guy can even stick to most cabinets! Just get creative, the worse thing you can do is try it once.

mr au naturel lifelike suction cup dildo dongKeeping Mr. Slim lifelike suction cup dong clean is fairly easy. It is the basic wash with a gentle antibacterial soap or your favorite toy cleaner, rinse and let dry completely before storing. Simple. There is one extra step that you will have to do occasionally. Because of the type of realistic TPE this guy is made of, you will have to dust him with corn startch and wipe away the excess every now and then. Not after every single cleaning, but certainly every other. That extra step will just keep him feeling soft and not get sticky over time. Honestly, it really isn't that much effort and it will keep him loving you even longer.

Pros: No Smell

           Not Sticky

           Bodysafe, TPE, Lifelike Material



           Suction Cup for Creative Play

Cons: Do Not Bend Past an 80 Degree Angle

            Water Lubrication Only

UPC #:735380120832


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  • Heidi

    I was very impressed by the material that this dildo is made out of. I am so sensitive to different things, that it is pretty much like a guessing game on which ones I can actually enjoy and use. The feel of this dildo is amazing; and surprising, seems lifelike!. It is so soft and comfortable. I LOVED the suction cup. It actually sticks…and I mean sticks to anything. Even in the bathtub it didn't slide down or fall off. Now the bendable part..isn't really my favorite part. If I accidently miss my vagina hole or something it bends quite easy and I have to shape it back into place. As far as negative comments about this, that is it. I can't wait to try the other real feel dildos that are offered. This was literally meant for people who are sensitive and are allergic to everything. My first sex toy in a long time to not irritate me…I am more than pleased!

  • Summer

    I love this dildo! I've had it for about a month now, and it's so much fun. Its flexible, but its not like you can't get it in. It has gotten a bit "sticky" feeling, even when using toy cleaner. Which I wasn't expecting to happen at all, but its manageable. The suction works great and sticks to all the surfaces I put it on with out a problem. The veins and head feel amazing and it almost feels like the real thing. When I use it, it doesnt take long to accomplish an orgasm. Overall it is such a great product! I can't wait to continue using it, or should I say, I can't get enough of it!

  • Mike

    great review.  we may have to get one of these!

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