Mini Bullet Vibrator to Rock your Panties – Pixie Shimmer!

pixie shimmer mini bullet vibrator

Evolved Pixie Sticks Shimmer (Pink) Mini Bullet Vibrator 


The Pixie Sticks Shimmer mini bullet vibrator is one of the better choices when considering a quality panty vibrator. The Shimmer has a variety of perks!

-Silicone-    10 Functions-     G-spot curve for gentle exploration

-Waterproof    -3.00 insertable length      -Latex and Phthalate free

The Pixie Shimmer is what I would call quiet in comparison to many other mini-vibes. It’s vibration is notable, it runs off 1AA battery whereas most run off 2-3 watch batteries (which die within 45 minute on average). So, needless to say, I’m happy about that feature, changing batteries a few times a week just isn’t for me. Haha Nothing kills the mood more than “Oh wait, wait….my batteries are dead…”

I LOVE the fact this toy is silicone, not only is it hygienically superior to its plastic/rubber counterparts, it feels better! Silicone to me provides more of a friction than other toys that become super slick when wet.

The Pixie Shimmer mini bullet vibrator offers a variation of functions-pixie shimmer mini bullet vibrator panty vibrator

Vibration- A balanced motion with no change in pattern

Escalation-A vibration that increases in intensity.

Pulsates- A pattern of vibration that is rhythmic or irregular.

While flipping through the functions to find that perfect one, even in the dark you’ll see where you are thanks to the handy dandy LED light that will show you the pattern you are currently cycling through!

It is priced around $30 from what I’ve seen on average, which is well worth it. Also, its worth mentioning that Evolved offers warranties for their products. So if yours somehow dies (and not just you killed the batteries!), you can get online fill out the necessary info, then you pay shipping to them. Evolved then sends you a replacement, and usually a free toy for the inconvenience! How awesome is that?

Warranty. Waterproof. Silicone. Multi-Function. Pixie Shimmer mini bullet vibrator:  Sold!

UPC: #844477007700


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Sex Toy Opinions



  • Jasmine

    This isn't as powerful as I thought it was going to be, but nonetheless I still loved it! It was perfect to use by myself or with my boyfriend during sex. The different settings/functions are fantastic. The outside is also very soft and comfortable. As stated above…I will have to agree that with this vibrator taking an actual AA battery, makes it last so much longer! It's such a headache having to change those tiny ass batteries. I think the only bad thing about this vibrator is that as I said before it's not the strongest toy out there..but its definitely worth a try.

  • Dawn

    I LOVE evolved toys. They have never disappointed me before and always get the job done. This toy in my personal opinion is the weakest of the toys that they offer. Don't get me wrong, it is a great clit toy to use during sex or something, but by myself it did nothing for me. I actually had to get my other toy (ol' reliable) out and use it. The functions are great, but what good are functions if it isn't powerful? Maybe for someone who is sensitive to vibrating toys or just sensitive in general, would enjoy this…but I have built up resistance from using other much powerful toys. It has a nice finish to it which is awesome because it's not plastic. Overall for me personally it was a thumbs down..but i give it a thumbs up for effort.

  • Gina

    This "mini bullet vibrator" was a HUGE disappointment. I was not impressed at all with this toy. I was more pissed off than I was pleasured. It did absolutely nothing for me. I actually tossed it across the room and finished with my hand myself. I felt no increase with power on each function/setting that it had. Not worth the time, money or the effort at all.

  • Ree

    It gets the job done, and that's all I need. I love that it is small, has different functions and the material it is made out of is even better. It feels so good once you get all worked up. Use brand new batteries though. There will be a huge difference if you dont. I am on the sensitive side and this made my toes curl! I loved it and cant get enough of it. It's great to keep in your purse too. 

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